Pimping our Hudson

It feels like a lifetime away since we had any real progress on the pre-construction front. We (or rather I) have obsessively and meticulously spent countless sleepless nights reviewing the floor plans and elevation drawings and proceeded to raise variations upon variations in a never-ending attempt at custom designing the Hudson to our own personal taste. Our poor Metricon contract presenter has painstakingly responded to a million emails and telephone enquiries in such a timely fashion. We definitely lucked out in having Mary look after us. What a godsend!

Suffice it to say, it has been quite a tedious process but we are now 99.9% stoked with the overall design. So, nearly a month after being presented with the contract, we are finally happy to sign on the dotted line and handover 5% deposit to progress to council submission. Happy days!!!

Some of the mods we have made thus far…

  • Added an outdoor room and balcony
  • Added corner bifold doors and sliding stacker doors to give us an amazing indoor-outdoor room
  • Enclosed the study to give us the flexibility of using it as a guest bedroom
  • Changed the ‘coat cupboard’ into a shower effectively turning the powder room into a full bathroom
  • Redesigned the kitchen and butler’s pantry (more on this in a separate blog post)
  • Added windows and changed window profiles
  • Added alcove and wall niches to display some of our Balinese treasures
  • Redesigned the facade by extending the eaves and portico and added side walk-through piers


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