No rest for the home builders


So, now that we have given Metricon the green light to progress to the next all-important council approval stage it has all suddenly become more real and the sense of urgency is back in force. If the stars align perfectly, we hope to have council approval for the new house by October with the construction phase starting in November. Fingers and toes crossed!

In the next few weeks, we need to meet with our landscape designer to discuss and finalize the landscape plan to be lodged with the DA for the new house. We haven’t really given the garden much thought so we will be shifting our focus from the house to the outdoors. We may also need an arborist report for the lone tree that is located inside the building footprint and is unfortunately over the 5m height exception rule. What we really need is a big, fat money tree!

We have already received a few quotes for demolition and they have all come in at the same price level so we just need to pick one. We were lucky we found a tenant straight after settlement who only wanted a short-term lease so we will keep him in the property for as long as possible before giving the go ahead to knock the place down.

Of course, we also have our Studio M and electrical appointments to prepare for. We have a whole house of fixtures and fittings, paint colours, cabinetry finishes, lighting and sooooo much more to choose.

Now where is that money tree again?

2 thoughts on “No rest for the home builders

    • Sheilzy says:

      Hi mum, as you know there are a few little trees in the property. The one at the front is approx 6m high and as council is pretty strict on tree preservation, we may need to have an arborist report unless it is on the approved list of species to be removed without approval. There shouldn’t be any major dramas 🙂 x

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