Detailing – The Girls’ Bedrooms

So, I’ve always had a love affair with building and renovating shows. Grand Designs, Property Ladder, Selling Houses, The Block, House Rules…you name it. I love ’em all! I’ve even harboured a secret desire to try out for one of these shows but being the least DIY person in the world, I know I just won’t cut it. So, better to settle for being an armchair critic or better yet focus on concept designing the interiors for our own build!

And that’s exactly what’s been keeping me up late at night. I have a growing collection of images and designs that inspire me and keep my enthusiasm for the project burning. Understandably our little darlings’ excitement for the build is well and truly over. So, lately I’ve tried to get our girls more involved with the build by sharing my ideas and vision for their bedrooms.

Our twelvie is a budding fashionista and already has an impressive shoe collection to make Imelda Marcos proud! One of the modifications we made at contract stage was to convert a massive void in her bedroom into a shoe closet. Suffice it to say she gave that mod a royal thumb’s up! Here’s a couple of our ideas for her room…a mural of palm trees as a bed head and a custom made window seat to soak in the glorious northern sun.


Little miss C would love to have a cool hanging egg chair like the one Candy and Ryan used in their games room on House Rules. She’s super excited about having a walk-in-robe and she just loves reminding her big sis that she only has a built-in-robe. Of course, twelvie’s room is much bigger and she’s definitely not lacking in closet space! I’m in two minds on the colour scheme for her bedroom. I think she may have outgrown the girly pink stage and a more subdued colour palette may be more appropriate. First world problems I know!


And here are some of my vision for little miss A…I’d love for her bedroom to be fun with a splash of colour and one wall painted in chalkboard paint for her to unleash her creative flair as she loves to paint!


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