Wheels slowly turning

Something that has become glaringly obvious to me since we jumped onboard the building wagon is that this whole journey requires the patience of a saint.

20140723-140938-50978332.jpgAs someone who craves instant gratification, patience is a virtue I haven’t mastered yet and I find myself in constant need of a reminder that good and wonderful things take time!

Well this week we are seeing the wheels start to turn ever so slowly with our file progressing in the Metricon queue. We are now officially in ‘Council DA Preparation‘ stage. Woohoo…another small step closer to the much anticipated and longed for build start!

Queue'ing patiently.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised to get a telephone call from our customer support consultant so soon after being informed via email that our file had been handed over. She seemed to be up to speed with our job, which is great news given the number of variations we made at contract stage. I can’t wait to see our plans re-drawn to incorporate all these changes.

Here’s hoping Metricon delivers on their timeline and our DA submitted to Council by mid-August šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Wheels slowly turning

  1. Mum says:

    How wonderful for you Sheila to have the opportunity of learning about patienceā€¦.I would have thought being married to Nicholas you might have already managed to. Just remember all things come to those who wait! I’m glad to hear things are moving ever so slightly at last!

  2. Shamus says:

    Why do they take so long to send the file to council? Our file basically went to the council as soon as signed off the plans. It’s been with the council for one month now and has just gone out for public notification.

    Wait until you go for your Studio M appointment. I had a budget which I thought was realistic and well researched. We had to cut A LOT of stuff due to the huge variation costs for things that are non-standard.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Don’t I wish we were building in Adelaide! They don’t make it easy for you to build a Metricon house in Sydney. We’ve been warned it could take 15-20 days before our DA is ready for submission so by my count, it looks to be mid August. I can’t believe you’ve been in council for a month now. When do you think you’ll get approval?

      Re studio M, we added a reasonable PA in the contract for internal and electrical variations. I have a feeling we will struggle to stick to it!

  3. Shamus says:

    I think that we will get approval in September and our build will start in late October. Plans never go as planned though!

    Is M that busy in Sydney that there is a long lead time to get plans to council? Do your plans have to go to neighbours for consultation?

    The real killer for us was the kitchen. My wife want things like 1.2m long pot drawers until the cost came in at $980. There is no way that we can just that spend on three drawers. The real cost is significantly higher than $980 as you need to add in the cost of cupboards that would have been in that spot and the upgrade cost for a better finish.

    I have many, many other examples where upgrade costs seem to be daylight roberry. Another one is the cupboard doors to the front of our kitchen island. We asked for grooves to three doors so no handles. The cost of the grooves was $680 for three doors – this is addition to the cost of the doors themselves!

    I ended saying to my wife that if we wanted to diverge so much from the standard inclusions, we probably should have went down the custom route!

    • Sheilzy says:

      No doubt there’s been a property boom in Sydney and knockdown rebuilds are particularly popular. In our area, the Metricon banner is quite prominent and when we were at tender stage our sales consultant told us that the design and estimating team have been working around the clock to get through all the jobs.

      I had a pre-DA meeting with council and they advised that they have been extremely busy with submissions for new dwellings and to expect a 6-12 week turnaround. Our neighbours will be notified of our proposal and will have a chance to give feedback. Hoping we don’t get any objections!

      Re studio M, I asked for ‘display option lists’ for the homes we liked to give us an idea of costs to put in the upgraded items. I know the kitchen will be the most expensive upgrade but hopefully my estimate is on the money and we don’t end up deleting anything. The only real unknown is the caesarstone bench. I desperately want the Calacatta Nuvo that has just been launched so no idea on price. I’m sure it is a category 5 upgrade so no doubt will be super exxy!

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