We’re in council!

The email I had been patiently waiting for finally arrived in my inbox today.

“Your DA has been lodged to council today”.


I know the happy dance is a tad premature given we have another few weeks of waiting until we get the green light to start the build. But after all the to-ing and fro-ing and the long stretches of little to no communication from our builder, it really felt like this day would never come.

What a tremendous relief!

So, we’ve officially reached another milestone. Another big tick!

Now bring on the next phase…



Glimpse of the facade

The journey to building our dream home started over 3 years ago. It started with countless weekend expeditions to HomeWorld visiting one display home after another. Right from the get go, Metricon had impressed us with their beautiful contemporary designs. The Laguna was at the top of our list until we saw a video showcasing the Hudson.

It was a leap of faith making the decision to build a design based on the floor plan, image gallery and a video. It would have been ideal to visit a display home to get a feel of the space but unfortunately the Hudson is not on show in NSW or anywhere else in Australia. Well it sure looks beautiful in the photos and video so if ours end up half decent then I’ll be one very happy camper.

I’m a visual person and I’d been dying to see how our modified facade and chosen colours would look like together.  My dabbling in SketchUp has been an epic fail and the closest I’d come to getting an image of the front elevation is through Envisage. Not exactly the same facade nor the colours but close enough to get a glimpse of how well or not so well the colours complement each other.

via Envisage

via Envisage – based on Kingston  Facade

so, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon an Australian e-business that produces architectural visualisations. NewHomeVisuals specialise in creating 2D elevation plans and photographic images at very affordable prices. The products, textures and colours are the exact match as specified by the suppliers. I put my order in quick smart and in less than 24 hours I had the elevation visual delivered straight to my inbox. Talk about a quick turnaround!

Seeing the facade mock-up, I’m starting to second guess our colour selections. The cladding painted in Dulux Saudi Sand looks particularly different to the live sample. On the monitor, it looks  a lot darker and more brown than I’d envisaged.

Our Hudson

Our Hudson Facade via New Home Visuals

We were inspired to use the cladding colour by the render on this Metricon display home. It’s painted in Saudi Sand and this is the shade we hope ours to come up in real life. Time will tell.

Render in Dulux Sand

Render in Dulux Saudi Sand

I wish I’d known about this service before the exterior colour appointment. With our plans on the verge of council submission, I don’t think I should be making any changes or I run the risk of  incurring the husband’s wrath.

A Room with a View and a Blog Makeover

While I patiently wait for Metricon to finalize our plans for council submission, I’ve been at pains to keep myself busy and distracted by trawling the web for inspirations for our master bedroom.

Although we spend relatively little time in the bedroom, it is the one room in the house we can truly call our own. It is our haven, our sanctuary, the place we escape to for relaxation and recharging the body, mind and spirit. Ironically I got a bit distracted during my Pinterest hunt and I found myself being awed by images of bedrooms with views to die for!

So, I let myself daydream a little and visualize what it’d be like to have a personal space with such panoramic, mind-blowing views.  How cool would it be to wake up every morning to a spectacular sight and revel in the beauty of nature?

The Lake House by Mark Dziewulski Architect via Homedsgn

The Lake House by Mark Dziewulski Architect via Homedsgn

via Homedsgn

via Homedsgn

 The mother of all ocean views…the hubby and I scuba dive and I can’t think of anything more relaxing than taking in the beauty of the underwater world. I bet I’d be waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated at the sight of the beautiful coral reef and amazing sea creatures.

via Homedsgn

Conceptual design for The Water Discus Underwater Hotel, Dubai via Homedsgn

No water views but just goes to show what’s possible with an elevated aspect. Love the glass wall and circular peek-a-boo windows.

via Houzz

via Houzz

via Houzz

via Houzz

And now for a view that’s sure to get the heart racing? How’s this for an enticing, sleep-inducing personal sanctuary? I think a hell YES to the views but can we please set the house a lot further back!


Would you dare sleep here?

If you’ve popped over my blog before, you will have noticed a change. I’ve decided to give my online sanctuary a makeover with a pop of colour. When I started the blog, the idea was to create an online diary to document our building experience. I didn’t expect to enjoy blogging as much as I do but I love the interaction and connection it’s afforded me. It’s allowed me to connect with fellow house builders I would never have come into contact with who have shared valuable tips and advice along the way. I’ve discovered Pinterest, Polyvore and other handy tools to help with the building project. It’s also been wonderful to read about and learn from the journey of my fellow builders. Suffice it to say, I’m so glad I took the plunge and started my blog.

Did someone say make an entrance?

image Ok not to worry, I don’t really have Lady Gaga in mind when I visualize our entrance. But I do want to give it the WOW factor. The facade, the front landscape, the front door and hallway – they all play a very important role in giving the house street appeal and I want our Hudson to make a stunning first impression. Here’s the vanilla 2d version of the front elevation.


Modified Traditional Facade

I tried to do a 3d render of the front elevation on Google Sketchup but sadly my attempts were abysmal. So, I settled for the next best option that was Metricon’s online design program Envisage.  I found it quite handy to get a visual of our colour scheme but thought the selections of items and colours were limited. Here’s the mockup closest to our facade and exterior colours. image So, my ideas for a rocking entrance are…

Modular wall panels with slats along the front boundary painted in Dulux Mount Eden to match the render to the portico. The main thoroughfare from the street to the house will be accessed via a small gate positioned opposite the entrance with a paved pathway leading straight the the portico decking.

image Now that’s the easy bit. I have a lot of ideas for the entry / hallway. Thank God I have the luxury of time to mull over the options and I don’t have to commit to a decision anytime soon. Without further ado, here are some of the pics that are inspiring the heck out of me.

A feature stone wall with drop-dead gorgeous pendant lights

via Houzz

via Houzz

An eye-catching wallpaper

via Metricon

via Metricon

Stunning feature wall panels with custom built console


via Stonini

Statement mirror and beautiful pendant

via Houzz

via Houzz

Keep the wall simple and let the art do the talking?

This bold eye catching Lynne Roberts-Goodwin original took centre stage in my husband's bachelor pad

This bold eye catching Lynne Roberts-Goodwin original took centre stage in my husband’s bachelor pad

What a great conundrum to be faced with!

Which one would you choose?


While Metricon is slowly getting our development application ready for council submission, I’ve decided to take a different approach to how I handle the inevitable lull periods in the project. Rather than let my irritation and frustrations get the better of me I’ve resolved to take a leaf out of a fellow house builder’s books. Johanne’s blog post on “patience and building” resonated and it’s given me a new perspective on the journey to our dream home. Thank you Johanne for inspiring me to stop whinging about how long it takes to build 😀

So, to keep miss impatient away from rearing her ugly head I need a distraction or two – house related of course.


Well, there’s the obvious distraction aka Pinterest. As I have only recently discovered the joys of this online virtual scrap booking tool, Pinterest has been a favourite time waster of mine. I have built up a good collection of beautiful images I intend to use as inspiration for the interior design of our home. It definitely came in handy during the initial landscape concept planning. I simply showed Emily my garden and outdoor room boards and voila she got my drift instantly. Easy peasy!

Whilst I think Pinterest is an amazing source of inspirations for fine tuning the overall style, look and feel of our home, I’ve been itching to get started on planning the nitty gritty of the individual room designs. A tad premature I know.

So, I’ve been searching cyberspace for an online mood board creator to help me with the fun job of selecting the furniture, colours and finishing touches for each room. Enter Polyvore. It’s a simple, free to use virtual styling tool that let’s users mix and match a wide range of interior design and fashion products to create image collages called ‘sets’. It’s a one-stop shop for everything. You simply browse hundreds of products filtered by categories then just add the item that tickles your fancy until you are happy with the set. The added bonus of Polyvore is it tells you exactly where you can buy the products you selected. What a great idea!

Here’s my first attempt on polyvore.


Mood board for the Family Room sans TV to be wall mounted