Playing the waiting game

1378785502933So, after a mini flurry of activity on the admin front it suddenly feels like we are back to idle territory.

The contract variations and amended drawings were sent to us for approval last Thursday – 3 painstakingly long weeks after contract signing.

I had high hopes for a quick and straight forward sign off especially as I had emailed the builder a detailed and itemised summary of every single variation we raised during the contract process.

But I should have known that nothing in this building project is ever that simple and straight forward! There were a few silly oversights like the elevation drawings showing the wrong cladding material and the change to the ground floor powder room window not reflected on the plans. Not significant errors thank God!

By Metricon’s timetable, we should be in a position to lodge our DA application by the 15th August. Holy cow! That’s only 8 working days away!

I should be excited that we are so close to this last hurdle before construction. But to be honest I’m a bit stressed out and worried. It seems that our CSC has gone MIA. I’ve left a couple of voice messages and emails over the last couple of days to get a status check but I’ve not heard a peep out of her 😦

What’s stressing me out is that we may be cutting it fine with the timeline. In our contract, we need to handover the site to Metricon by 17 November. Ryde Council has advised us it could take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks for approval. So, if council takes its sweet time to give our application the go ahead then we will definitely miss the deadline.

Here’s hoping we luck out and get a fast tracked, objection free approval! For that to happen, Metricon needs to hustle and fix everything the needs fixing and get all the reports and plans for the DA finalised and submitted ASAP!

C’mon Metricon, go go go!

7 thoughts on “Playing the waiting game

    • Sheilzy @ says:

      OMG tell me about it! I remember reading a blog once about the blogger feeling like a burden whenever he asked any questions or requested anything. I must say I’d often felt like I’m somehow intruding or being annoying when sending out a few email chasers or leaving voice mails. Then I catch myself and think hang on a minute I’m the client and spending a lot of money, surely I’m entitled to expect some semblance of customer service? To be fair, we’ve been pretty lucky with the staff at Metricon. I’m probably more frustrated that it’s taking longer than anticipated:(

      • trixee says:

        I know, right! What do you do, resend the email and pretend you accept their explanation that it got lost in cyberspace? It’s only happened a couple of times to me, but it’s still annoying and a little bit soul-destroying when I feel like I’m prying when in reality all I’m doing is trying to get the answers I need in order to move on. Par for the course, I guess.

    • Sheilzy @ says:

      I know right! I sent out a pretty cranky email that seemed to do the trick. Within hours, she’d responded and emailed through the amendments to the contract items I’d pointed out. We are still a week behind schedule but at least she’d given us a tentative date of council lodgement. I’m really struggling to understand why it’s taking this long. We signed contract on 11 July yet est DA submission is 20 Aug. That’s nearly 6 weeks! Do you have any idea when you’ll get approval for your build?

  1. Cherri says:

    Hi, I’m really enjoying your blog 😀 We’re building with Metricon too (only just coming up to our contract presentation). According to their timeline it is supposed to take 15-20 days for the drawings to be done after contract signing. Do you know why it took so long for your plans to be ready? Did you make changes during/after your contract presentation?

    • Sheilzy @ says:

      Hey Cherri, welcome to the blog. It’s great to hear from a fellow Metricon builder:) Are you building in Sydney? Which design have you chosen? To cut a long story short the delay was partly caused by us making some changes during contract presentation and Metricon taking a long time to act on the changes. Looking back on our timeline, there was a full week after contract signing with no activity before our file was handed over to our CSC. It took another 8 working days before we received the contract variations and amended plans/drawings which had errors that needed to be fixed. We found Metricon’s timeline very vague. We assumed that the 15-20 days would start after we signed the contract so we expected our plans to be ready for sub missed by mid-Aug. What Metricon doesn’t make clear is that the 15-20 days actually starts only after contract variations are finalised then it goes to the permits department to check that all the plans/reports are in order before submitting to council. In hindsight, we would have included all the upgrades/modifications right at the start even the ones you’re not sure about. It’s by far easier to delete than to add an updrade. All the best with your contract presentation. I’m going to check out your blog now:)

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