While Metricon is slowly getting our development application ready for council submission, I’ve decided to take a different approach to how I handle the inevitable lull periods in the project. Rather than let my irritation and frustrations get the better of me I’ve resolved to take a leaf out of a fellow house builder’s books. Johanne’s blog post on “patience and building” resonated and it’s given me a new perspective on the journey to our dream home. Thank you Johanne for inspiring me to stop whinging about how long it takes to build 😀

So, to keep miss impatient away from rearing her ugly head I need a distraction or two – house related of course.


Well, there’s the obvious distraction aka Pinterest. As I have only recently discovered the joys of this online virtual scrap booking tool, Pinterest has been a favourite time waster of mine. I have built up a good collection of beautiful images I intend to use as inspiration for the interior design of our home. It definitely came in handy during the initial landscape concept planning. I simply showed Emily my garden and outdoor room boards and voila she got my drift instantly. Easy peasy!

Whilst I think Pinterest is an amazing source of inspirations for fine tuning the overall style, look and feel of our home, I’ve been itching to get started on planning the nitty gritty of the individual room designs. A tad premature I know.

So, I’ve been searching cyberspace for an online mood board creator to help me with the fun job of selecting the furniture, colours and finishing touches for each room. Enter Polyvore. It’s a simple, free to use virtual styling tool that let’s users mix and match a wide range of interior design and fashion products to create image collages called ‘sets’. It’s a one-stop shop for everything. You simply browse hundreds of products filtered by categories then just add the item that tickles your fancy until you are happy with the set. The added bonus of Polyvore is it tells you exactly where you can buy the products you selected. What a great idea!

Here’s my first attempt on polyvore.


Mood board for the Family Room sans TV to be wall mounted

6 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Johanne says:

    You are welcome. I’m quite an expert at distractions! Like now… just found you on polyvore! Hours and hours of distraction. It’s great. You can upload anything you like from the web. I’ve added a lot of things from Australian shops. You can find them in my “likes” section.

    • trixee says:

      “ou can upload anything you like from the web” Oh really? *lol* I didn’t see this before I wrote my comment! Need to try and figure out how…

      • Johanne says:

        You need to get the clip it button. Instructions for that must be somewhere in Polyvore. I’ve forgotten how I did it now. I’ve added pics of my own furniture too by first uploading them to Pinterest, then “clipping”.

    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      I can see myself happily wasting time on polyvore. It’s definitely a keeper! I should have added another distraction on the list – blog reading. I caught up on all your posts last night and I must say I’m so impressed. I really take my hat off to you for project managing the build remotely. I can’t think of a more exotic location than Brazil! Kudos 🙂

  2. trixee says:

    Pinterest is sooo addictive! I tried using polyvore once but never really got into it – I think I found the product range too restrictive and prefer a tool that lets me clip any image from anywhere on the web. Having said that, I like what you’ve put together!

    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      Thank you, I’m pretty happy with my first attempt. I wanted to start with an easy room and seeing as I already have a strong idea of how I want the family room to look like the products and colours were obvious choices. I’m going to have a play at uploading images to clip.

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