We’re in council!

The email I had been patiently waiting for finally arrived in my inbox today.

“Your DA has been lodged to council today”.


I know the happy dance is a tad premature given we have another few weeks of waiting until we get the green light to start the build. But after all the to-ing and fro-ing and the long stretches of little to no communication from our builder, it really felt like this day would never come.

What a tremendous relief!

So, we’ve officially reached another milestone. Another big tick!

Now bring on the next phase…



9 thoughts on “We’re in council!

  1. shamus says:

    That’s great news, it’s been a long journey. How long do you estimate it will take to get planning approval? Do you have to consult neighbours and have your plans approved by the development panel?

    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      Thanks Shamus. We still have quite a bit of waiting to go. Hoping for a smooth consultation period with our neighbours. I’ve been told the average approval time for Ryde council is approx 8 weeks. So by my calculations this would take us to end of Oct. I’m not sure about approval from the development panel. Is the panel within council? You must be getting close to getting your approval? Btw I’m going to the Phoenix display home tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing your build come to life, must be exciting to be close!

      We’ve given tenants notice to vacate by 10th and demo is booked for the 20th. Your hugely successful Gumtree sale has inspired me to try my luck. If we can sell even just a few things especially the fruit trees I’d be stoked.

      • shamus says:

        Similar timeframe to our our approval. Planning approval will take about 10 weeks and then we need to get building approval, which is a further three weeks.

        The council usually has some form of development panel to approve developments that meet certain criteria. We were lucky and didn’t need to go to the panel as no neighbours made any representations.

        I can highly recommend the Gumtree sale. We manage to get around $1,400 in total. It’s also good to see the materials being recycled rather than go to landfill.

        We are looking at starting our build in mid October. Let us know what you think of the Pheonix display.

  2. Sydfam says:

    How exciting! We have another 3 weeks before ours is lodged with the council and may give gumtree a go too. Every dollar helps! How did you go with your interior decorator?

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