Flooring Conundrum

One more sleep until our much anticipated internal colour and electrical selections. Eeeeeeek! Just to give myself a refresher, I made a last minute dash to the Metricon display homes in Kellyville. I wanted a walk through of the house that we initially fell in love with, the Laguna. Yep, I still love it especially the master bedroom, ensuite and parents retreat!

While I feel well prepared for tomorrow’s appointment, I’m in a serious quandary over the floors. We have our hearts set on floating timber floorboards. Installing timber flooring requires an expansion gap to be left between the timber and the walls. Ideally, the skirting boards should be installed after the flooring but if the skirts are already in place before the floor is laid then a Scotia beading is used as an edge trim to cover the gap.


Herein lies the conundrum. I’m not a huge fan of Scotia but I think we can paint them the same colour to blend into the skirting boards. It’s the beading around the kitchen island that is driving me crazy! I think it’s ugly and ruins the beautiful waterfall edge.



IMG_2157.JPGThe sensible solution is to have the island installed after the floors. But I’ve already asked a few times and been told it’s standard for the flooring to be laid down last.¬†Am I being precious about this?

So I’d love to hear your thoughts on Scotia beading. If anyone has any experience or suggestion on how we can avoid the use of Scotia around the island, please leave me a comment. Thanks

16 thoughts on “Flooring Conundrum

  1. trixee says:

    You’re right, the scotia does impact on the look of the island. Around the walls it’s not really noticeable, but it is around the island. I think you should persevere with it and ask to have the island put in afterwards. Yes, it might be “standard” for this builder to do it like that, but state that you want it done differently. Be prepared for it to incur a fee, but if it’s not outrageous, it’s probably worth it.

    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      That’s the plan for tomorrow. We will try to negotiate with Metricon to put in the island after the floor. Our sales consultant told us Metricon charges $2,000 variation fee to have the skirtings installed after so who knows how much it will set us back for the island.

  2. Sydfam says:

    We also wanted floating timber but decided against it due to the finish. The only alternative is to go with timber planks. Metricon can make the adjustments to heights and install skirting after the timber installation. I think the kitchen is installed after too. Best to clarify with m and ensure it’s not too late in the process. However this also means you will need to get them to supply and install , increasing the costs substantially. Good luck tomorrow!

      • Sydfam says:

        I’m heading to Di Lorenzo on Saturday to hopefully make a decision. However, I will be interested to hear what you work out with M wrt the scotia beading. We’ll probably do timber too if they come around. All the best tomorrow!

  3. Helen says:

    Hi Sheilzy,
    Do not listen to anyone, you do not, repeat, do not need scotia/quad around the floorboards, OR around the island bench.
    In our previous home that we built, the builder refused to allow floorboards first and then skirting on top, let alone agree to no trim around our Island bench!
    In fact, so many flooring “experts” told us you have to have the quad as it’s a requirement, but I flat out refused, this was my house, my build and I want my floors to look a certain way, cause scotia is just plain ugly and somewhat cheapens the look of beautiful floor boards.
    So the kitchen and island bench was put in as per the builder/contract. We told the builder to leave the skirting off but to supply it to us so we can put it in place after we laid the floorboards after handover.
    Then we searched for a floor installer who would not put any scotia around the island bench, and boy was he a perfectionist! He was an older man, been laying floors for years, was so pedantic and precise about each piece being precision cut and correctly placed to butt up perfectly against the island bench! It took him over a week to do it, whereas others might have done it in 2-3 days, but the end result was amazing!!!
    Then he and his off sider placed the skirting on.
    I don’t know if he’s still working, as this was back in 2005, but his name was Martin and he was the installer from Fowlers carpets and floors in Narellan in Sydney.
    Good luck!!! Stick to what you want, it might be a little harder and trickier to do, but so worth it, and yes, we will be doing it again with our Glendale if Metricon won’t come to the party!!
    Helen Aka HGMbuild

    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      Hello Hellen! Thank you so much for the info. It’s great to hear firsthand that things don’t have to be done a certain way just because that’s how it’s normally done. I’ve been to a few flooring stores and every sales consultant told me scotia is needed to cover the gaps. If M doesn’t play ball and let us put on the island afterwards, I may need to call Fowlers to see if good old Martin is still around. Thanks again:)

  4. Gnaters says:

    Hi Sheilzy

    You are right to be concerned with this – in my opinion scotia is unattractive and looks cheap I can’t believe M put it in their display home!

    You have actually just made me realise I didn’t address this at my internal appointment last month (building a Phoenix in Hurstville area, plans currently with council – roughly same timing as you!).

    Just rang out M contact and she said that’s the only option. Given than I’m paying several thousand dollars to add 2 waterfall edges (we are on old promotion so don’t get any waterfall included) and increase benchtop thickness to 40mm, I’m planning to remove the island bench upgrades, get the standard benchtop and then upgrade myself after handover. It’s just not worth paying all that money only for them to add scotia – would drive me mad. Note that if you are increasing benchtop thickness they make the cabinets a little taller to compensate so I will have to ensure M do this.

    I guess the only other option is to do the flooring ourselves after but when I had this priced a while ago it seemed more expensive so think I’m better off upgrading island benchtop later.

    M have a new policy that you can delete the ground floor skirtings and do yourself after handover. This is what we are doing. The complilcations is that if you delete all ground floor skirtings then you will have to put them on top of the carpet in ground floor carpeted rooms. We didn’t want this so are having M include them in ground floor carpeted rooms. These will be 92mm instead of 67mm to compensate for the hard floor skirtings looking higher than the carpet floor skirtings as the skirtings will be laid before carpet but after hard floors. Does that make sense? Note this also imapcts architraves! Your internal co-ordinator will explain it better than me.

    Perhaps it’s easier just to get timber look floor tiles!

    Good luck with your appointment – have a big coffee in the morning and try to enjoy it – though you are more organised than I was so should be easier for you:). Look forward to seeing all your final selections.


    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      Aww thank you Gnaters, for that very detailed info. How do you do the island bench upgrades after handover? Our sales consultant told me that M now offers the option of installing the skirting after the floor. But for the privilege of doing so will cost $2000! What a rip-off! Just don’t understand what the big deal is. They would just need to reshuffle the trades

      • Gnaters says:

        Think we would have to physically remove the 20mm caesarstone that we get with the promotion and have someone install what we want after handover. Will have to get professional quote for this and see what they advise.

        I don’t recall they offered to do it for us for $2k after handover. But I think we would have turned them down. We replaced all the skirtings in our existing house and it is a bit of work (undercoat & 2 coats of paint, cutting mitre joins – we know we could do it ourselves but will probably pay someone as it’s harder now with 2 little ones.

        Yes we are getting the WIR – I’m calling it the dressing room:) The phoenix display at Carnes HIll NSW has the 5th bed so you would have to fly to Melb? to see the WIR option – sounds like a good excuse to me!

    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      Oops accidentally hit reply prematurely:)

      You might be on to something with the timber look tiles. I’m tempted but the husband is precious about using ‘fake’ materials.

      Wow another Phoenix build. I really must try to check out the display home . It seems to be very popular. Did you opt for the massive WIR in lieu of the 5th bedroom?

    • Sydfam says:

      Hi Gnaters, We’re building a Phoenix in the Hurstville council too! Our facade is non-standard so I’m sure it won’t look the same. =) Are you going to do a blog of your build? All the best with your build!

      • Gnaters says:

        Hi Sydfam
        Oh how exciting! We are building the plantation facade. There is in this suburb that I have been driving past regularly. Starting a Blog is on my to do list:) You have a blog? Will look you up on homeone. Sorry for hijacking your post Shielzy:)

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