Studio M Stalemate

Nearly three weeks since colour appointment, the kitchen saga remains unresolved and continues to drive me insane! We are still negotiating with Metricon over the ridiculously inflated quote.

It’s so annoying that Metricon only provide a total ‘in lieu of standard’ price so there’s no transparency and we are left in the dark as to how they came up with that figure.

Even with the 25% builders margin, the quote is still over $3,000 more than what we anticipated the variations would cost. Now you may wonder if it’s possible we may have under-estimated the cost of the upgrades. Anything is possible I guess. However Metricon provides a very handy list of upgrades that you normally see in their display homes. This list aka ‘DOL’ or displayed options list shows all the non-standard items and their prices. It is the DOL that we based our budget on so we are confident that our estimate is on the money.

At this stage of the game when every dollar counts, we can’t afford to throw away that kind of money especially when it’s clearly highway robbery! So, with frustration mounting at every email and telephone call, I’ve had to call in reinforcement. DH is now in charge of negotiation. Let’s hope he manages to talk some sense into Metricon so we can move forward and sign off on this final piece of paperwork.

8 thoughts on “Studio M Stalemate

  1. aserett says:

    I know what you mean!!! I had quite a few variations that I know I can do them much cheaper elsewhere, and the builder’s quotes were so ridiculous I told them I want them to leave those bits out where they can and I will install them myself. At one point I even had to flip out the Building Code just to prove I was right about what I said.

  2. lunar62 says:

    Hope you get this resolved in your favour soon. We play ‘Good cop, Bad cop’ – I wheel out hubby as the big guns when I hit a stalemate. I have also sent an email saying ‘Don’t make me get my Cranky pants on….’

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