13 thoughts on “DA Approved!

      • sydfam says:

        We finally got our internal quote 3 weeks after our appointment and it came in a lot higher than we had thought. For example, we got the Calacutta Nuvo priced for just the kitchen island and Snow for the rest (40mm) and it came to just over $9K! This is on top of the standard 20mm Cat 1. Hoping to finalise our selections this weekend.

      • Sheilzy says:

        I tell you this whole studio m process has been such a frustrating experience. We’ve also just got the revised quote, 7 weeks after our appointment so your 3 week wait seems like a walk in the park in comparison:P There is still an oversight with the stone pricing so need to get Metricon to come back with a revised quote. I knew the Calacutta would be very exxy so didn’t even bother getting it priced up. I’ve heard that real marble might actually be cheaper so if you like that look, have you considered this option?

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