Happy 10,000!!!!

OH EM GEE, my little home building blog turned the big 10,000 over the weekend. WOW!

It started out as a way to document our building journey and share the milestones with friends and family. I didn’t imagine that so many people from all corners of the world would be reading my ramblings. Who woulda thunk it?


Blog Stats

Here’s some tidbits about ourhudson.

    • 32 published posts, 160 comments
    • 6 months in planning and designing stage
    • 8 weeks, 4 rounds of revisions before Studio M sign-off
    • 7.5 weeks in council waiting for DA approval
    • 1 week of demolition works

Thank you for all the comments, feedback and interest awesome blog readers. We are now on the home stretch of pre-construction and on the verge of seeing some exciting action on site. So stay tuned for a lot more posts and pics.

Thanks for readingđŸ˜„

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