All about the base

Where has the year gone? With all the months of idle waiting, it suddenly feels like this year has been a blur. Crazy I know but I feel like Christmas has snuck up on me and I’m scrambling to get all Christmassy.

Last Saturday after taking the kids to a Christmas party, we drove down to the block to check the work that the SM had promised to be carried out. True to his word, the cconcrete pierings and formwork had started. Yay!


Concrete piering and formwork started


Formwork 6.12.14

Formwork 6.12.14

Plumbing rough in 9.12.14

Plumbing rough in 9.12.14

From where we stood at street level, the siting of the formwork didn’t look right to us. We have a not-too-shabby 13.7m rear setback but from the naked eye the distance between the back fence and the border of the formwork looked well short of the required distance.

Siting Diagram

Siting Diagram

So, I spoke to the SM about our concern and he reassured me that all the site works carried out so far are according to the final construction plans.  To put our minds at ease, he also offered to meet us on site for our first walkthrough. This offering was well timed as I must admit to feeling slightly annoyed that he hadn’t called to tell us that site works were starting. It will be good to put a face to the guy in charge of building our dream home and we intend to pick his brain about what to expect before the Christmas shutdown.

Oh and the waffle pods have been delivered ready to do their thing! Countdown is on for the slab pour. Woohoo!!!

Waffle pods 9.12.14

Waffle pods 9.12.14

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