Rain rain go away

Just our luck the minute we switched over to construction mode, the weather gods decided to unleash a barrage of rain, lightning and thunderstorms on Sydney. Boohoo!!!

Images courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Images courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Despite the less than ideal weather, we have been excited and pleasantly surprised by the progress of site works completed on the block so far. We met the SM today and if first impressions count, then we have every confidence that he will deliver us an amazing house. We had a productive meeting and he gave us a rundown of what’s on the cards this side of Christmas.

  • Installation of waffle pods complete
  • Installation of steel reinforcement almost complete
  • Slab pour due either on Saturday 13/12 or Monday 15/12 (weather permitting)
  • Removal of excess spoil booked for next week

He also checked the setbacks and I’m happy to report that both front and rear setbacks are as per plans. At this very early stage and with the Christmas shutdown looming, our handover date looks to be end of June 2015. He had his trusty iPad on hand and he showed us the schedule of work to complete the new house and it’s about 3 pages long! Scary but seemed quietly optimistic that he could get us in well before then. Sometime in May would be a perfect birthday present! Now all we need is for this friggin rain to go away. Here’s hoping!

Steel reinforcement

Steel reinforcement installation 11.12.14



Perimeter boxing complete 12.12.14

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