Well, I got my Christmas wish today…our beautiful brand spanking new shiny slab was poured this morning! Woo friggin hoo!!

Be overload coming up 🙂

I’ve scheduled the slab inspection with our independent building inspector on Wednesday to check the workmanship but to my untrained eye, the slab looks gorgeous and ginormous. I still can’t believe that we are on our way to building our Hudson. Woo friggin hoo!!! Super exciting!

15 thoughts on “Slabbed

    • Sheilzy says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      It’s true what they say, the admin side of building really tests your patience! We had a few hiccups a long the way that sent our stress levels through the roof but overall we’re happy with Metricon. I think no matter who you build with, there’s bound to be ups and downs with the process. Some parts of the admin were a breeze and enjoyable and in our case, we found the pointy end of admin the most frustrating! But when you get through it, it becomes a distant memory very quickly. It’s early days into construction for us but we’re confident that they will build us an amazing house.

      Good luck😄

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