As the house continues to take shape, I’m starting the arduous task of getting quotes on some of the post handover jobs. On the high priority is to organise the wardrobes.

I’m mentally setting an intention to unpack everything out of boxes and put them away where they belong as soon as humanly possible. After months of living in clutter and organised chaos, I just want some semblance of normality and enjoy the new house and make it our home.

We made the last minute decision to remove the wardrobe fitout from the contract. The standard Metricon offering lacked in style and functionality.

So, what’s on the shopping list?

For the master bedroom, we have his and hers closet space.

Our Hudson Master Suite

Our Hudson Master Suite

Hubby gets the wall adjacent to the bed. It’s over 4 metres wide! That wall is the first thing you see as you walk into the bedroom so we want simple clean lines in a timber veneer finish something like these beauties.

via Design-Milk

via Studioko

via Tristanauer

If you were reading the blog last year, you may recall my design dilemma over my walk-in. Well after mulling over some of the fantastic ideas from my awesome blog readers and brainstorming with wardrobe designers, I decided that a U-shape layout without doors would give me the most bang for my buck! I’ve been dreaming about having ample room for all my clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and all the little trinkets I’ve accumulated over the years!

via Pinterest

I’m also seriously considering this glamorous pendant for my walk-in. I’ve had a serious lusting for it since I saw it featured in Michael and Carlene’s winning powder room on The Block.

For the girls’ bedrooms, we’re going to keep it simple and classic. The plan is for miss 9 year old and little miss 2 year old to each have an L-shape layout with drawers, shelves and hanging rails in their walk-in closets. Think timeless white, unassuming and functional.

Miss 14 year-old fashionista is old enough that she wants to collaborate with me on designing her bedroom. She likes a monochrome decor and mirrored built-in robes. A quick Pinterest sesh gave us some inspiration pics.

What’s on your post handover list?

We have a roof

Have you noticed a recurring theme of unadulterated excitement in my last few posts? Well this post is no different. In fact, it’s fair to say my excitement level has just reached new heights! Awesome readers, our Hudson now has a roof and it friggin looks amazing!

I can’t even begin to articulate how wonderful it feels to see our vision slowly come to fruition. I know they are only roof tiles so am I crazy to feel euphoria over seeing such mundane materials on our house?





Shiny things called ‘sarking’


Render work is superb! Clean, sharp lines. Huge tick!

They started cleaning the bricks and they have come up beautifully! Love love love!!!


Rear brickwork complete


Alfresco and master bedroom balcony pillars complete


Master bedroom balcony pillar up close


Balcony brickwork cleaned up


Balcony stacker doors

The carpenters were supposed to start on eaves and cladding work this week but unfortunately they have been pushed back to next Tuesday (31/3) due to a delay in flashing work. With Easter right around the corner, I really hope we can get the exterior completed next week. The scaffolding is booked to come down when trades return from the Easter long weekend. I can’t wait for the unveiling!

Plodding along

We had a productive week on site with every job on the lineup ticked off as scheduled. Yay!

Bricklayers had their last day on Tuesday (17/3), exactly 4 weeks since they started working on our house. What a milestone!

It’s tricky to get a decent shot of the completed brickwork with the blue shade cloth in the way. But from where I stood on the footpath, the side elevations looked to be finished according to plans. The remainder of the upper storey will be cladded in Scyon Stria.

Render to the portico was completed on Wednesday (18/3) and it looks freaking awesome!

Gutters and fascia were installed on Friday (20/3). Boy oh boy, what a difference they made to the house!

I couldn’t be happier with Metricon at the moment. The build is progressing well and it’s been smooth sailing so far. Site manager J gave me some more exciting news when he called on Friday.

Next week’s lineup is action packed!

  • Roof tiles – Tuesday (24/3)
  • Carpenters will be on site from Wednesday to work on the eaves and cladding.
  • Electrical rough-in, AC and insulation

J also mentioned that we will have a walk through in a couple of weeks. Woohoo! Can’t wait, the excitement level has been turned up a notch!

Bristile roof tiles "Coal"

Bristile roof tiles “Coal”

Are we finished bricking yet?

When I first met the bricklayers on site, I was astounded by their progress. They set a cracking pace, completing roughly 60% of the ground floor in under 4 days. I had high hopes of brickwork finishing in 2 weeks after my casual chit chat with the boss brickie.

So we’re now approaching 4 weeks since brickwork started. Are we done yet? The answer is no but we are so close to the finish line, well the end of brick stage at least! Site manager thinks brickwork will be done and dusted by Tuesday, 17/3. Woohoo!

According to J’s update, lock up is approximately 2 weeks away. Eeeek!!!

  • Acrylic render to the portico was supposed to start today (Saturday, 14/3)
  • Delivery of the scaffolding for the installation of the fascia and guttering (Wednesday, 18/3)
  • Gutters and fascia (Thursday, 19/3)
  • Roof tiles (Monday, 23/3)

Now for some not-so-exciting pics…


Prep work for the render


The facade was a sticking point during the design phase as we were constrained by the facade options available for our house design. We stuck with the standard ‘Traditional’ facade and made changes to jazz it up a bit. One of the changes was the addition of a 500mm ‘walk-through’ the side portico piers. 

Portico Pier – side walk-through

I really can’t fault the brick workmanship. J was true to his word, our brickies are perfectionists!


Window sill to kitchen – perfectly straight


Close up of brickies handiwork – so neat and tidy

That’s all from me this week. I’ve imposed a self ban on daily drive-by’s. I figured the progress will be the more obvious and exciting if I don’t stalk my build every single day 🙂

Happy building!

Shopping Replica – Yay or Nay?

Now that construction is well under way and the house is really starting to take shape, my husband and I have turned our focus on the post handover list. On the to-do list is one of my favourite things in the world – shopping, and with a massive house we are on the hunt for lots of beautiful pieces.

Nick and I have similar expensive tastes. We have a fairly good idea of the overall style we want for our house but unfortunately we’re constrained by the dreaded B word and so have our work cut out for us to shop the wish-list without breaking the bank. 

So, we’re toying with the idea of splurging on big ticket items and teaming them with good looking cheaper alternatives. With replicas abound, we are so spoiled for choice and it’s a lot easier to get the designer look without the designer price tags. 

For instance, on the wish-list for the Dining Room is a nice solid timber table like these beauties..


What a beautiful table from Coco Republic! Too bad the price tag is eye wateringly expensive 😦

This custom designed table by the talented guys from Timbermill is exactly what we want to replicate – paired with modern Eames dining chairs.


via Timbermill Designs

For the Study, Nick has his heart set on the classic Eames lounge chair and ottoman but with the real deal out of reach, he may have to settle for a replica.


Can’t remember where this little beauty was bought from but Nick took this pic from the Grand Designs Live


Matt Blatt’s premium version, yours for $1995

For the breakfast bar, we need 5 bar stools and we’re coveting the Eric Buch iconic stool. At USD$1,195 per stool (exc freight charges), can we justify forking out over AUD$7,825 when we could buy the replica version for a fraction of that price? Can you spot the fake from the real McCoy?Buck-Walnut

Erik_Buch_1 Over the kitchen island, we need 3 small to medium pendants and we’ve short listed a Tom Dixon signature light ,the Beat Fat in black. The Beat collection is widely copied and you can pick up a replica anywhere from between $115 to $150 a pop. The real deal will set you back around 300 pounds (roughly AUD600) so faking it could save us a whopping $1,455. Can you spot the knock off?image Normally, we think it’s better to have the real deal. You get what you pay for hence our dilemma. Do we fake it and get the designer look but run the risk of ending up with a lemon? Or do we hold out for something original and affordable?