Scaffolding and Bricking

When I spoke to the boss brickie last Friday (20/2), he told me they were working to finish the ground floor brickwork ahead of the scaffolding installation on Monday (23/2). Ever the eternal optimist, I was hoping to see the house bricked up when we drove by after work on Thursday (26/2). 

Alas, it didn’t look like the brickies were able to work their magic on the second storey elevations just yet. The weather has been unpredictable in Sydney so I can only assume there was a slight hiccup with the work schedule as our site manager hadn’t contacted us to provide an update.

Although we couldn’t see much tangible bricking progress, it’s still very exciting to see the scaffolding up. Visually the scaf has made a drastic impact. The house is looking rather imposing and gigantic! The Metricon signature banner is also up and I must say it is an impressive sight. 

Serious street appeal

Brickwork to the Study 50% complete

Side of the house all wrapped up

More pallet of bricks delivered

It also looked like one of the portico piers had been started. I was surprised that they hadn’t used the commons to brick up the pier as the portico will be fully rendered. 

I wonder what the next week holds? 

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8 thoughts on “Scaffolding and Bricking

  1. debdjd says:

    The house and the sign are pretty impressive. I can’t get over how quickly things are moving along at your place – I reckon you will be in before us! ☺

    • Sheilzy says:

      We are super happy with the progress. Can’t wait to get to the internal. I’m still secretly hoping we could have keys for my birthday. That’s in May so maybe I’m a bit deluded!

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