Want your own Metricon home?

I like to keep abreast of the local real estate market and with the growing popularity of knockdown rebuilds, the number of new houses that go on sale is also trending. I’m particularly interested in Metricon built listings like this beauty.

I wonder if the vendors had professional styling? The photo gallery looks like something out of the official Metricon website and judging by the floor plans, I would guess it’s a modified Nolan.

If you’re dreaming of a new Metricon home, maybe you can save yourself the stress of building a brand new one and buy this ready made at auction? If you’re the successful bidder, give me a holler😎

Looks to be the Kingston facade

Signature contemporary Kitchen

Standard square set ceilings

Update: Sydney property market shows no sign of abating! This Nolan sold at auction yesterday (21/3) for a suburb record $2.415m! It’s mind boggling especially when similar properties sold in the $2-2.2m range only a few weeks ago. 

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