Unexpected Walkthrough

I must admit to being slightly disappointed at not seeing such obvious progress during my drive by’s especially after the flying start we had with the framework. Well, it was a different story yesterday when I got a video call from my husband from inside the house! The brickies had left the padlock unlocked which was as good as an open invitation for a site walk through. So without much prompting, I hotfooted it down to the block to have a sticky beak.

Right off the bat, our site manager J informed us our team of bricklayers are very particular, meticulous – the best of the bunch! To my untrained eye, I have to agree that the brick workmanship is top notch. They are slowly but surely working their magic on our Hudson and it freaking looks amazing.

J gave me a noncommittal answer when I asked him about the schedule. He told me everything was going well and there was no reason to panic and crack the whip. He expects our brickies on our site all of next week. Ground floor brickwork seems to be 95% complete and they have made a start on some sections of the second storey. Now for the visual evidence..


Portico piers nearly complete

Brickwork to Outdoor Room

Brickwork to Outdoor Room

Side of the house looking towards Laundry and Home Theatre

Side of the house looking towards Laundry and Home Theatre


More awesome brickwork

During my previous site visits, I realised they had installed the wrong window to the Home Theatre. I had changed all our windows to awning but somehow they had ordered and put in the standard sliding window.

Awning Window to Home Theatre Installed

Awning window to Home Theatre finally in

Laundry - I wish I'd put in a window

Laundry – Hmm I wish I’d put in a window, may have to invest on a screen door for ventilation

Family Room Alcove

Family Room Alcove

Yesterday’s site visit also marked the first time I’d walked through the second floor. Oh my god, what an unbelievably exciting occasion! As you can imagine there were a lot of squealing going on as I took in every nook and cranny upstairs. I was blown away and extremely delighted by all the space! I love love love everything about our house. Just wish Metricon would hurry up!

Panoramic view of the second floor from the top of the stairwell

Awesome Window

Feature Stairwell Window – definitely my favourite window hands down

Looking into Bedroom from Ensuite

Looking into Master Bedroom from Ensuite

Balcony - MASSIVE, soooo very happy with this space!

Master Bedroom Balcony – MASSIVE, soooo very happy with this space!

Niche for HIS wardrobe - lucky boy!

Niche for HIS wardrobe – lucky boy! I’m sure I’m going to be borrowing some of that space 🙂

Double Vanity - Ensuite

Double Vanity – Ensuite. Hmm our vanity window overlooks the neighbour’s bedroom. To frost or not to frost?

Double Shower - Ensuite

Double Shower – Ensuite

Main Bathroom

Main Bathroom

Children's Retreat. I have grand plans to turn this space into their study/play area

Children’s Retreat. I have grand plans to turn this space into their study/play area. Stay tuned 🙂

Final photo of the day – contact me if anyone is interested to buy a new sliding window in Monument (2410mm wide x 1800mm high).

Wideline Sliding Window

Wideline Sliding Window

14 thoughts on “Unexpected Walkthrough

  1. Johanne says:

    Wow, Sheilzy! It’s definitely not shrinking. I’d be squealing with a walk-thru to. Very exciting. BTW, there are zillions of builds moving slower than yours, including mine!

    • Sheilzy says:

      I know our build is progressing well. I do feel spoilt for wanting Metricon to hurry up. Our SS even told me he wished he could send us off on a long holiday and come back to a finished house. I’m just too excited to start enjoying the house 😄

  2. trixee says:

    I love an unexpected bit of excitement! The stairwell window is indeed special. Enjoy the build process while it lasts, it won’t be much longer at the rate you’e going! 🙂

    • Sheilzy says:

      SS won’t give any handover timeframe just yet. I did ask him if he could deliver the house for my birthday in May. He gave me a nervous laugh and said he could walk me through for the tiling stage! I’ve always had a June handover in my mind anyway, I’d be over the moon if it was early.

      • Sheilzy says:

        What? Don’t you have a 32 week contract? We were told at tender that the average build time for a double is around 6-7 months. I really hope M can deliver the house closer to the 6 months than 9 months!

      • cherri777 says:

        We were told the same thing as you were at tender stage (& contract stage too), but since construction started we’ve been told it would be longer. 6-7 months would be nice though!

  3. lunar62 says:

    I go away for a few days and look what happens when I’m gone!
    How great to get a sneak preview of upstairs. Metricon seem to be setting a cracking pace for your build. May seems just around the corner, even June would be great to move in by.
    Keep posting more pics 🙂

    • Sheilzy says:

      I’m restraining myself from driving by every day just so I can appreciate the visual progress a lot more. I really hope it’s June as mentally it’s when I’ve told myself that we’ll be in.

      I’ve been keeping an eye out for your next post. Surely your slab is just around the corner?

      • lunar62 says:

        We had an issue with the final paperwork which is now resolved. Now we are waiting on the bank for the final OK as they would only work on the final signed paperwork. All I want is out of Admin and a slab….
        I will post pronto when the OK comes through 🙂

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