Shopping Replica – Yay or Nay?

Now that construction is well under way and the house is really starting to take shape, my husband and I have turned our focus on the post handover list. On the to-do list is one of my favourite things in the world – shopping, and with a massive house we are on the hunt for lots of beautiful pieces.

Nick and I have similar expensive tastes. We have a fairly good idea of the overall style we want for our house but unfortunately we’re constrained by the dreaded B word and so have our work cut out for us to shop the wish-list without breaking the bank. 

So, we’re toying with the idea of splurging on big ticket items and teaming them with good looking cheaper alternatives. With replicas abound, we are so spoiled for choice and it’s a lot easier to get the designer look without the designer price tags. 

For instance, on the wish-list for the Dining Room is a nice solid timber table like these beauties..


What a beautiful table from Coco Republic! Too bad the price tag is eye wateringly expensive 😦

This custom designed table by the talented guys from Timbermill is exactly what we want to replicate – paired with modern Eames dining chairs.


via Timbermill Designs

For the Study, Nick has his heart set on the classic Eames lounge chair and ottoman but with the real deal out of reach, he may have to settle for a replica.


Can’t remember where this little beauty was bought from but Nick took this pic from the Grand Designs Live


Matt Blatt’s premium version, yours for $1995

For the breakfast bar, we need 5 bar stools and we’re coveting the Eric Buch iconic stool. At USD$1,195 per stool (exc freight charges), can we justify forking out over AUD$7,825 when we could buy the replica version for a fraction of that price? Can you spot the fake from the real McCoy?Buck-Walnut

Erik_Buch_1 Over the kitchen island, we need 3 small to medium pendants and we’ve short listed a Tom Dixon signature light ,the Beat Fat in black. The Beat collection is widely copied and you can pick up a replica anywhere from between $115 to $150 a pop. The real deal will set you back around 300 pounds (roughly AUD600) so faking it could save us a whopping $1,455. Can you spot the knock off?image Normally, we think it’s better to have the real deal. You get what you pay for hence our dilemma. Do we fake it and get the designer look but run the risk of ending up with a lemon? Or do we hold out for something original and affordable? 

6 thoughts on “Shopping Replica – Yay or Nay?

  1. trixee says:

    I have absolutely no problem with replicas! But you do get what you pay for, so if you get a replica make sure it’s a good one, not a dodgy one. I’ve seen heaps of those Beat replicas all over the place, and they look fine to me. I’d be a bit nervous buying furniture replicas online as you don’t want a chair collapsing beneath you! But if it came from a reputable shop I think that’s fine.

  2. Jackson says:

    I wouldn’t mind replicas for the furnitures. I am also shopping replica pendant lighting too.
    I doubt anyone would know it’s original designer or ask it. Visitors would just comment it’s a great looking piece.

  3. sydfam says:

    I have my eye on the same stools. Studio M sourced theirs from Sokol and are definitely replicas! I would visit their showrooms and check the quality.

  4. debdjd says:

    Love the dining tables and you know pieces like that will never date and always look great for years to come.
    I agree that you would have to be very careful buying replicas on line as I think there are quite a few dodgy ones out there.
    It is lots of fun looking and luckily you both have similar taste so that makes life a lot easier ☺

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