Are we finished bricking yet?

When I first met the bricklayers on site, I was astounded by their progress. They set a cracking pace, completing roughly 60% of the ground floor in under 4 days. I had high hopes of brickwork finishing in 2 weeks after my casual chit chat with the boss brickie.

So we’re now approaching 4 weeks since brickwork started. Are we done yet? The answer is no but we are so close to the finish line, well the end of brick stage at least! Site manager thinks brickwork will be done and dusted by Tuesday, 17/3. Woohoo!

According to J’s update, lock up is approximately 2 weeks away. Eeeek!!!

  • Acrylic render to the portico was supposed to start today (Saturday, 14/3)
  • Delivery of the scaffolding for the installation of the fascia and guttering (Wednesday, 18/3)
  • Gutters and fascia (Thursday, 19/3)
  • Roof tiles (Monday, 23/3)

Now for some not-so-exciting pics…


Prep work for the render


The facade was a sticking point during the design phase as we were constrained by the facade options available for our house design. We stuck with the standard ‘Traditional’ facade and made changes to jazz it up a bit. One of the changes was the addition of a 500mm ‘walk-through’ the side portico piers. 

Portico Pier – side walk-through

I really can’t fault the brick workmanship. J was true to his word, our brickies are perfectionists!


Window sill to kitchen – perfectly straight


Close up of brickies handiwork – so neat and tidy

That’s all from me this week. I’ve imposed a self ban on daily drive-by’s. I figured the progress will be the more obvious and exciting if I don’t stalk my build every single day 🙂

Happy building!

7 thoughts on “Are we finished bricking yet?

  1. debdjd says:

    The brickwork does look very neat Sheilzy and I can’t believe it will be finished by the 17th!
    Lock up 2 weeks away is fantastic ☺I really am beinning to think you will be in before me!!

  2. lunar62 says:

    Its all coming together nicely, it’ll look even better when the portico is rendered.

    Only two weeks until lock up – wow! Fingers crossed that it all goes to plan 🙂

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