Plodding along

We had a productive week on site with every job on the lineup ticked off as scheduled. Yay!

Bricklayers had their last day on Tuesday (17/3), exactly 4 weeks since they started working on our house. What a milestone!

It’s tricky to get a decent shot of the completed brickwork with the blue shade cloth in the way. But from where I stood on the footpath, the side elevations looked to be finished according to plans. The remainder of the upper storey will be cladded in Scyon Stria.

Render to the portico was completed on Wednesday (18/3) and it looks freaking awesome!

Gutters and fascia were installed on Friday (20/3). Boy oh boy, what a difference they made to the house!

I couldn’t be happier with Metricon at the moment. The build is progressing well and it’s been smooth sailing so far. Site manager J gave me some more exciting news when he called on Friday.

Next week’s lineup is action packed!

  • Roof tiles – Tuesday (24/3)
  • Carpenters will be on site from Wednesday to work on the eaves and cladding.
  • Electrical rough-in, AC and insulation

J also mentioned that we will have a walk through in a couple of weeks. Woohoo! Can’t wait, the excitement level has been turned up a notch!

Bristile roof tiles "Coal"

Bristile roof tiles “Coal”

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