Aboriginal Art Dreaming

I can’t believe the big 4-0 is only a couple of weeks away! Holy moly, don’t I feel old all of a sudden! When we signed up to build, I had high hopes of celebrating the milestone birthday in our dream home. Obviously that is now but a wishful thinking unless Metricon let us have a party at the block! Plan B is to have a combined belated birthday and house warming celebrations later in the year.

I’m also surprised by how much I’ve changed since we started the building journey. A year ago I would have been delighted to receive a nice bling (aka jewellery) for my birthday. Now I prefer a bling of a different kind, something like the Tom Dixon ‘Etch Web Brass’ that I’m coveting for my walk-in!
Tom Dixon 'Etch Web Brass'

Hubby is yet to be convinced about the pendant and he reckons such a momentous occasion deserves a more personal and special gift like a beautiful piece of art. Who am I to argue? And with a new house to decorate, I think a statement piece is the ultimate present.

Well, I’ve earmarked our entrance for the ‘wow factor’, something beautiful and contemporary and RED! I lurve Aboriginal art and I think their bright vibrant colourful hues are the perfect something to go on the entry wall!

So the search is well underway and lucky for me, the interweb is a goldmine of Australian Indigenous art gallery. I think I’ve narrowed down the front runners. As I browsed through the vast array of artworks, I was instantly drawn to the works of the talented sister artists Tarisse and Sarrita King. It was love at first sight! I just find their works mesmerising and I’d be over the moon to have any one of these beautiful modern pieces in our home.

Sarrita King 'Ancestors'

Sarrita King ‘Ancestors’

Sarrita King 'Lightning'

Sarrita King ‘Lightning’

Tarisse King 'Pink Salt Lakes'

Tarisse King ‘Pink Salt Lakes’

Tarisse King 'Pink Salt Lakes'

Tarisse King ‘Pink Salt Lakes’

Watch this space😄

Wet n Wild

Well there goes J’s grand plans for an action packed week on site! Instead of having an army of trades work their magic on our house, this week’s wet and wild Sydney weather will no doubt see our block sit idle.

I drove by after miss C’s netball game on Saturday to see the painters hard at work on the exterior. They were supposed to finish up yesterday before the planned removal of the scaffolding today but with the driving rain and gale force winds, I don’t think they had much luck completing the job. I swear building a house is a test of patience!

Ok, that’s enough of my rambling. I’ll sign off with a few not-so-interesting pics. Stay safe and dry😄


I spy a team of painters on Saturday. I wish they came back on Sunday to finish the job before this crazy weather!


Hole in the Study for the recessed meter box


Master bedroom balcony balustrade waterproofed


Rear with 75% of bricks acid washed

Building 101: Lock Up Stage

As luck would have it, J was onsite when I drove by to check on the week’s progress and was the bearer of some exciting news. By the end of today, we will have reached ‘lock up’ stage! What a significant milestone in the building journey!

Now it may surprise you to know that lock up doesn’t actually mean the house is fully “locked up”.  In actual fact, the all important front door, garage door and laundry door are yet to be installed so technically sneaking round the house is still possible 😛

According to our progress payment schedule, lock up is;

“the stage when a house external wall cladding is installed, eaves lining and roof covering is fixed (roof pointing not necessarily complete and front and rear doors not installed).”

Speaking of doors, I spied our long awaited corner bifold doors stacked neatly against the scaffold. J told me they were going in today. Yay!

The carpenters were putting the final touches to the cladding work and I’m so glad we decided on the Scyon Stria. I can’t wait to see the Stria painted in Dulux Saudi Sand. The rendered portico will be painted in dark grey Dulux Mt Eden so hopefully the contrast works nicely.


Great sight – a tradie’s ute out the front!



J ran me through the schedule and it sounds like all systems go next week.

  • Painters were supposed to start on exterior today but the weather was unfortunately less than ideal so weather permitting, they are booked to work tomorrow (Sat, 18/4) and finish up on (Mon, 20/4)
  • Scaffolding will be removed on Tuesday, 21/4
  • Lower roof guttering, fascia and tiles are scheduled for Wed, 22/4
  • Electrical, AC ducting (Wed, 22/4)
  • Ground floor bricks to be acid washed (Thurs, 23/4)
  • Insulation (Wed, 29/4)
  • Rainwater tanks (Wed, 29/4)
  • Gyprock (tentative start date Fri, 1/5)

Phew! What a lineup! Lets hope the weather gods are good to us and we get everything on the agenda ticked off.

Hope you have an awesome weekend 🙂

Eaves and stuff

It feels like forever since my last build update when I shared news of our roof being completed more than a couple of weeks ago. I had high hopes of being at lock up right now but the trades lined up to do the flashing work were a no show for a few days which unfortunately had a knock-on effect on the building schedule.

So, what’s new I hear you ask?

The balustrade walls of the master bedroom balcony are finally up and been given a coat of waterproofing sealant. These walls will be cladded in Scyon Matrix panels.


The eaves are done and they look fantastic! I’m so glad we decided to extend the eaves all the way around the upper storey. Apart from the thermal benefits, I think the wider eaves finish the roofline very nicely.


The carpenters also started on the cladding work and so far I’m excited by what I see. The Scyon Stria was actually a last minute variation and hopefully it was the right choice to complement the contemporary style of the house.


James Hardie Scyon ‘Stria’

I also noticed the downpipes had been installed. We went for the rectangular profile downpipes so unless my eyes deceive me the ones we got are the wrong ones! Guess who’s going to get a phone call first thing tomorrow morning? Arrrgh!!!