Eaves and stuff

It feels like forever since my last build update when I shared news of our roof being completed more than a couple of weeks ago. I had high hopes of being at lock up right now but the trades lined up to do the flashing work were a no show for a few days which unfortunately had a knock-on effect on the building schedule.

So, what’s new I hear you ask?

The balustrade walls of the master bedroom balcony are finally up and been given a coat of waterproofing sealant. These walls will be cladded in Scyon Matrix panels.


The eaves are done and they look fantastic! I’m so glad we decided to extend the eaves all the way around the upper storey. Apart from the thermal benefits, I think the wider eaves finish the roofline very nicely.


The carpenters also started on the cladding work and so far I’m excited by what I see. The Scyon Stria was actually a last minute variation and hopefully it was the right choice to complement the contemporary style of the house.


James Hardie Scyon ‘Stria’

I also noticed the downpipes had been installed. We went for the rectangular profile downpipes so unless my eyes deceive me the ones we got are the wrong ones! Guess who’s going to get a phone call first thing tomorrow morning? Arrrgh!!!


13 thoughts on “Eaves and stuff

  1. trixee says:

    The eaves look fantastic, I think they add a heap of class and still look contemporary. I can’t wait to see that scaffolding come down so I can get a good look at the cladding.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks Lauren, can’t wait for the scaf to go! Re downpipes, apparently it wasn’t a mistake. We basically can’t have the rectangular pipes as we have the ‘charged system’ for the water tanks. I don’t really understand the technicality but bottom line we’re stuck with the round downpipes😢

      • trixee says:

        We are too, Sheilzy. The reason, as I understand it, is that the round pipes are poly pipes, rather than steel, and because a charged system has water pretty much permanently in the pipes, the poly is required so that they don’t rust.

      • monalisa says:

        You will be moving before you know it!!

        But I can now understand how you feel!!

        Just read you upgraded eaves to 600mm. I didn’t know these come in sizes!! Ours will be 450mm… hopefully it looks nice enough!

  2. lunar62 says:

    Frustrating for you to have to wait but your house is looking great. The wider eaves make the roof crisper too.
    We too have a charged system and plastic downpipes. Thanks to trixee for explaining what it means 🙂 I thought being in a BAL12.5 area we would have to be metal but that’s a no….

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