Wet n Wild

Well there goes J’s grand plans for an action packed week on site! Instead of having an army of trades work their magic on our house, this week’s wet and wild Sydney weather will no doubt see our block sit idle.

I drove by after miss C’s netball game on Saturday to see the painters hard at work on the exterior. They were supposed to finish up yesterday before the planned removal of the scaffolding today but with the driving rain and gale force winds, I don’t think they had much luck completing the job. I swear building a house is a test of patience!

Ok, that’s enough of my rambling. I’ll sign off with a few not-so-interesting pics. Stay safe and dry😄


I spy a team of painters on Saturday. I wish they came back on Sunday to finish the job before this crazy weather!


Hole in the Study for the recessed meter box


Master bedroom balcony balustrade waterproofed


Rear with 75% of bricks acid washed

10 thoughts on “Wet n Wild

  1. monalisa says:

    hoping the weather is better next week and your home progresses quick. our demo completed yesterday, despite the weather. Heres hoping M get through the plans asap.

  2. trixee says:

    Ah the bad weather sucks doesn’t it! Hope it clears up soon. The acid washed bricks have come up a treat, what a difference!

  3. lunar62 says:

    Well at least you’ll be able to check the roof doesn’t leak 🙂
    No piers or slab for us then 😦
    Think I’ll start de-cluttering with a view to packing if I’m stuck indoors…

  4. debdjd says:

    I do feel for you as it is very frustrating when you get delays. I’ve been working on improving my patience and I do lots of deep breaths and long yoga oooooooooooommmmmms and if that fails a big glass of wine helps! Lol keep smiling and hopefully the sun will be out soon ☺

  5. laurencornes says:

    Oh Shel, I feel for you. We had one of those weeks where it just poured with rain here in the West a fortnight ago. Everything stopped as quickly as it started. The next week was all sunshine and lollipops (however our brickie decided that he’d wait til Thursday before doing anything). It’s so frustrating. Here’s hoping it lets up soon and it can be all hands back on deck.

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