Aboriginal Art Dreaming

I can’t believe the big 4-0 is only a couple of weeks away! Holy moly, don’t I feel old all of a sudden! When we signed up to build, I had high hopes of celebrating the milestone birthday in our dream home. Obviously that is now but a wishful thinking unless Metricon let us have a party at the block! Plan B is to have a combined belated birthday and house warming celebrations later in the year.

I’m also surprised by how much I’ve changed since we started the building journey. A year ago I would have been delighted to receive a nice bling (aka jewellery) for my birthday. Now I prefer a bling of a different kind, something like the Tom Dixon ‘Etch Web Brass’ that I’m coveting for my walk-in!
Tom Dixon 'Etch Web Brass'

Hubby is yet to be convinced about the pendant and he reckons such a momentous occasion deserves a more personal and special gift like a beautiful piece of art. Who am I to argue? And with a new house to decorate, I think a statement piece is the ultimate present.

Well, I’ve earmarked our entrance for the ‘wow factor’, something beautiful and contemporary and RED! I lurve Aboriginal art and I think their bright vibrant colourful hues are the perfect something to go on the entry wall!

So the search is well underway and lucky for me, the interweb is a goldmine of Australian Indigenous art gallery. I think I’ve narrowed down the front runners. As I browsed through the vast array of artworks, I was instantly drawn to the works of the talented sister artists Tarisse and Sarrita King. It was love at first sight! I just find their works mesmerising and I’d be over the moon to have any one of these beautiful modern pieces in our home.

Sarrita King 'Ancestors'

Sarrita King ‘Ancestors’

Sarrita King 'Lightning'

Sarrita King ‘Lightning’

Tarisse King 'Pink Salt Lakes'

Tarisse King ‘Pink Salt Lakes’

Tarisse King 'Pink Salt Lakes'

Tarisse King ‘Pink Salt Lakes’

Watch this space😄

13 thoughts on “Aboriginal Art Dreaming

  1. debdjd says:

    Those big birthdays sure do come around quickly and I am a great believer in celebrating them in style so your idea of a beautiful artwork is a wonderful idea.
    I love the pieces you have chosen but my favourite is ‘Anscestors ‘ wow it is stunning. ‘Pink Salt Lakes’ is also lovely and reminds me of our time in the golfields. Lucky girl ☺

  2. Ruth (aka Mum) says:

    Sheila I find it incredible that you choose Sarita King because as you may or may not have realised it is her work that I have on my wall at home. She painted it especially for me after the one I saw originally was sold so I commissioned her to do another! Mine is called water holes and shows how communities connect around them for their coroborees.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Oh wow, what a coincidence! Great minds think alike😄
      I suggested to Nicholas to commission her to do another ‘Ancestors’ (similar to the one she sold to his work).

  3. Johanne says:

    A nicely timed post Sheilzy. (Wink.) I’ve been following the King sisters too. Gorgeous work. That first one is divine. Have you got a Pinterest file going for this? I’m keen to share!

  4. trixee says:

    I’m getting more and more into Aboriginal art these days, and have come across some gorgeous modern pieces. The only thing that scares me is the price. I do have a particular spot in mind where I think it *needs* some art though. Maybe by the time the build is done I will have gotten used to bleeding money. I like the examples you’ve shown here, will have to check this artist out more.

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