We are inching ever so close to the finish line! It feels unreal to be at this point after months of planning, designing and a lot of waiting.

Our lone tiler is doing a good job. I reckon he’s completed roughly 60% of the house. We didn’t splurge on tiles and most of our floor and wall tiles were from the Metricon’s standard range. I had my doubts but really happy with how our selections have come up.





Downstairs Powder Room

Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom


Glass mosaics in kids shower niche




Feature mosaics in shower niche. I wish we had the budget to run the mosaics up the full length of that shower wall

I dragged my tribe to the Sydney Home Show to get ideas on some of the finishing touches we need after handover. We even managed to squeeze in a quick complimentary ‘Ask the Expert’ consultations with a landscaper and interior designer. I highly recommend a visit but maybe leave the kids at home if you can. After 10 minutes, they were already asking when we were leaving! Those lolly jars in the exhibitors’ stands really came in handy 🙂

Kitchen Love

When we signed up to build the Hudson, we did so without the luxury of walking through a showroom. The video and image gallery on the Metricon website were enough to hook us in but I must admit to feeling slightly apprehensive that the house design might turn out better on paper than in real life! So far everything about the house has surpassed our expectations.

If you’ve been following our building journey for a while now, you may recall our bumpy experience over the kitchen and butlers pantry design. Michael from Castlewood Kitchens has been phenomenal and really gone above and beyond to get us over the line. With all the weeks of painful to’ing and fro’ing, I’ve been dying to see our vision come to life.

From this….


Final 3d Kitchen Plans


To this…


Base cupboards in Smokey Sapelle and Silk White overheads



Integrated utensils drawer


Twin hideaway bins

We originally chose to have the full height pantry door in  Smokey Sapelle. But after consulting with the interior designer who helped us with our colours, I made a last minute change to White. Now I’m not sure if I did the right thing. What do you guys think?



Built-in wine rack


Pull out pantry drawers

Love love love all the integrated drawers and plenty of storage space! The stone benchtop and glass splashback will be measured next week and should take roughly 10 days to manufacture. I wonder if they will install the waterfall end to the kitchen island before or after the floorboards are laid? We paid the hefty variation to delete the scotia beading so I’ve been wondering how the  jobs will be lined up to get it right?

House Tour: Fixing Stage

Oh my goodness, Metricon have really kicked into gear and it’s been all systems go at the block! The house continues to morph and I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I go on site. The visual changes since the plasterboard went up are really out of this world. I’m definitely enjoying this stage. All the months of planning, stressing and waiting are now but a distant memory!

Enough of my ramblings. I shall let the photo updates speak for themselves 🙂

Welcome to our Hudson!


Hume Savoy XS26 will be stained Rich Walnut


Did I mention how much I’m in love with the stairwell window?

Wet area floors had been screeded all set for tiling to commence tomorrow.


Ground floor Powder Room – Silk White


Laundry – Silk White

The laundry is the standard Hudson layout. In hindsight, we should have added a window here to bring in more natural light and ventilation. We also didn’t upgrade the joinery so the plan is to add more overhead cupboards and maybe even a built-in clothes bin drawer after handover.



Shower niche in the kids’ bathroom all waterproofed and ready for some tiling


Kids Batrhoom – Milano Walnut


Ensuite minus doors – Silk Avignon Walnut


Balcony balustrades cladded in Scyon Matrix

When we signed off on the final construction plans, we completely overlooked the type of cladding in the master bedroom balcony. We assumed it will be cladded in the same material as the Laguna display home in Kellyville. But the drawings indicated otherwise so we were lucky the oversight was picked up well before lockup stage. Metricon don’t normally allow variations once construction start and I had to push and escalate to management before the change was eventually approved. We love it!


Balcony cladding – Scyon Matrix

Council rejected the slimline tanks we originally planned for the house. They insisted we put in these massive tanks  which hold 5000 litres each! Once they are in, side access from front to rear will be restricted. Our poor landscapers will have their work cut out for them!


What about the kitchen I hear you ask? It deserves a blog post of its own so stay tuned…


We had a team of five plasterers on Saturday working hard to finish installing the plasterboard and cornices. Oh my goodness, what a transformation! Our Hudson is looking more like a house rather than a building site.  With the walls and ceiling up, we finally get a real feel for the space. We absolutely love the open plan layout and generous size of the rooms.

Photo time😄

The render had finally been given a lick of paint. Loving the colour Dulux Mt Eden that we chose for the portico. I have to confess to being a bit underwhelmed by the facade when I first saw the painted render. I wasn’t completely convinced the exterior colours work together but thank goodness it looks much better in the sun. It’s slowly growing on me and I’m sure the landscape we have planned for the front garden will give the facade a lift. The remaining down pipes will be painted in Monument.


Exterior almost complete


View from the front door looking towards the rear of the house


Apparently it’s not good feng shui for the front door to be directly aligned with the rear door. Oh well, I’m sure a strategically placed crystal will remedy the bad energy😄



Hooray for trades working on the weekend!


View from the kitchen towards the alfresco, dining room to the left and family room to the right

I absolutely love the cornerless bifold doors which will open up the back of the house and provide a seamless transition to the great outdoors.


One of our must have’s – cornerless bifold doors finally installed. Yay!


View of the Family Room from the Kitchen

We added a microwave/oven tower to the right of the window splashback. The kitchen’s going in next week and I can’t wait to see our vision come to life. After all the dramas over the design, I’ve been dying the see the kitchen and butler’s pantry installed.




Butler’s Pantry

Another look at the feature stairwell window. I love the natural light flooding this space and to make full use of the gorgeous sunlight, to the left of the stairs will be the children’s study and play areas.


View of the stairwell window

I love love love the size and layout of the master bedroom. We will put in a timber panel screen in the opening of the ensuite after handover. 


View of the master bedroom from the rear robes


View of the master bedroom from the ensuite


Ensuite shower with the niche

We are so happy with the progress on site. Last week was such a big week in terms of significant visual changes. We hope Metricon keep the momentum going this week and the rest of the build. The stairs are going in this week along with waterproofing and carpentry fixout. Next week is kitchen week! Woohoo!

Ready for walls

Finally it looks like the rain has gone away and we have a good stretch of perfect autumn days here in Sydney. Hallelujah!

The block was a hive of activity today with not one, not two but three different trades on site. It certainly feels like our build has kicked into gear.

The roofers were back to finish off the lower roof in the remaining sections of the garage, study, kitchen and butlers pantry. The guys from Insulfix were busy installing the insulation upstairs. These guys worked like machines. When I drove by at 12pm,  they hadn’t even started putting in the ceiling batts. At 2pm, the ceiling looked to be done and dusted!


Looking up from the stairwell void


We went with the Metricon standard Bradford Gold R2.0 insulation for the external walls.  For the home theatre, we added acoustic sound insulation which hopefully reduces the sound of bad karaoke transmitting through the walls!

The plasterboard have also been delivered and the guys were setting out ready to get started tomorrow! I can’t believe that by the end of the week we will have all internal walls in place! It’s really exciting to see the house transform. We still have a long way to go but I’m starting to see that glimmer of light at the end of what feels like a long tunnel.

Watch this space😄

Love love love our stairwell windows!