Inching closer to the finish line

We didn’t get an update from the site manager last Friday so I just assumed that nothing much happened during the week apart from tiling. So when we drove by on Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised to see the stone benchtops and sinks had been installed and the first floor ceiling and walls had also been given an undercoat of paint!


We upgraded the caesarstone benchtops and waterfall edge in the kitchen and butlers pantry to 40mm category 3 ‘Organic White’. Love love love 🙂

As an aside, it seems like our dream run to the finish line has come to an end. We picked up a few issues, one of which was the fridge cavity size. It’s marked on the plans as 980mm wide and during the design stage we flagged the importance of the width being sufficient to fit the fridge we had already bought. Our fridge is 908mm wide and the recommended clearance is 20mm each side for optimum air flow. On paper, it seemed like there is sufficient clearance but it turned out that the dimension denoted on the plans was the frame size and with gyprock and skirting boards, the cavity size is now reduced to roughly 906mm! We consulted with our building inspector and they advised that the cavity wasn’t built to specifications and Metricon need to rectify. To his credit, site manager promised to look into the issue as soon as possible. Watch this space!



I love our tiling choices for the guest bathroom downstairs. Can’t wait to see the finished room with the mirror and wall mixer.


Love the white subway tiles in the laundry. My idea was to add more cupboards after handover but I’m now thinking we have ample storage in the house. So another option is to continue the subway tiling on that wall.


So happy with the alfresco tiles. They look fantastic with the dark bricks.


Main bathroom tiles sans grout

We’re not particularly happy about the tiling workmanship. When I dropped by last week, I didn’t stick around to scrutinize the work but thank goodness I took a lot of photos. As I was flicking through, it became obvious that the laying of the wall and floor tiles especially in the ensuite was less than ideal. We were underwhelmed by the wall tiling not matching up to the floor tiling so we flagged our concerns to the site manager, who agreed to re-do the tiling. Well, it looked like the wall tiling under the vanity had been rectified to be in line with the floor tiles. But what about the rest of the tiling above the vanity? Seriously, why only fix a section of the wall? Did the tiler think we wouldn’t notice? Arrgh, not happy Jan!


Waiting for the stone benchtop ‘Wild Rice’ to complement our ‘Avignon Walnut’ vanity


Balcony tiling still to be grouted

12 thoughts on “Inching closer to the finish line

  1. Johanne says:

    How amazing to see your kitchen looking just like your planning pictures! I hope I get a nice surprise to learn work has been done when there has been no news…. Sinks, bench tops, paint – I’m excited! You are getting so close!

    • Sheilzy says:

      It’s exciting, still can’t believe we’re only weeks away from handover. We’ve been busy finalising trades for our post handover jobs. We also started shopping for furniture over the long weekend, we even commissioned the art for the entrance😄
      We’re lucky to be buying now, most places we looked at were offering 30-50% off RRP. We’re all looking forward to just putting our feet up and enjoying the new house 😄

      • Johanne says:

        Your art will be divine Sheilzy. Such a good idea to commission. I might have to follow suit if your experience is good. As for putting feet up – our work will just be starting once we get the keys.

      • Sheilzy says:

        I’ll let you know how it goes. We should have it in a couple of weeks. We won’t be putting our feet up for a few weeks after handover. Our list is long but I’m determined to tick them off asap😄

  2. lunar62 says:

    Love the Earth artwork by Tarisse King.

    It’s really taking shape now. Looking forward to seeing the tiling all finished and the kitchen in all its glory 🙂
    Good luck getting the fridge space sorted. Mine is too big meaning my built in oven space is too small but they are aware and it was on the Houspect report so here’s hoping they correct it.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks Dea. Hope you’re having a fab time in the UK😄
      Fridge space issue is annoying especially as I stressed so many times that it needed to be sufficient to fit the fridge. Artwork is stunning. They had the 1 piece in the gallery and we were tempted to take that home as it’s stunning! But I saw the 3 panel version which was even better👍

      • lunar62 says:

        Thanks Sheilzy,
        Sun is shining and I’m off to a reunion in a 16th century pub garden in the village tonight 🙂

        I agree that the three panels have more of an impact and you’ll certainly have the space to display them. Years ago in a show house I saw 3 long narrow vertical mirrors together and they looked really good. I might do that on the wall at the end of the corridor to the ensuite if one big one is not feasible.

  3. laurencornes says:

    It’s looking great Sheilzy! Has that “we’re going to be living here in a few weeks” moment hit yet? Sorry to hear about the tiling dramas, that must be incredibly fustrating. Hopefully it is sorted soon.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Hey Lauren. We spent the long weekend shopping for furniture so it’s hitting home that we’re almost there. It’s all very exciting. The issues that have crept up are a bit annoying but SS has been very good so far so I just have to trust that he will fix them. How’s your build coming along?

      • laurencornes says:

        You are lucky to have such a good pro active site supervisor … it is something that seems to be lacking in our build. Oo shopping for furniture is definitely exciting! We’re going pretty well. The bricks were finished on Friday. Roofies are due to start in a fortnight. Our house settled yesterday so we have the money to start looking at the extras such as furniture and flooring. We are still waiting for iinet to connect us with internet in the rental … so once that finally happens, I’ll be able to post a proper update.

      • Sheilzy says:

        Yes SS seems to be on the ball and we’ve been lucky not to have any real issues before now. Congrats on settlement. Hopefully your new house isn’t too far from completion. It will just be the icing on the cake for you guys, what with the new addition. Looking forward to seeing pics of your build😄

  4. debdjd says:

    Wow Sheilzy it is looking great – love your kitchen!
    It is a pain when things are done as you expect them to be but I think that is par for the course here.
    sooooooo exciting ☺☺☺

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