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If you’ve ever renovated or built a house, you would know that the process requires a healthy dose of patience. Today marks 450 days since we paid the initial deposit to Metricon and kick started this building journey. As we get closer to the end, it feels like the finish line is still so far away. My weekly site visits are also becoming less exciting, as visually the transformations aren’t too obvious week to week.

Gyprockers were on site on Friday and Saturday patching up. As the photos show, it looks like our awesome site manager JM has been through the whole house with a pencil and let loose!


Walls marked up for patching


JM sent me an email to report the issue with the fridge space has been rectified. The cavity is now wide enough to fit our 908mm fridge. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t picked up the issue before moving day! Phew!


Fridge cavity widened to fit our fridge

As we customised the kitchen through Castlewood, the bulkhead in the butlers pantry wasn’t drawn on the final plans. JM actually picked up this oversight and told me he would fix it without any prompting from me.


Bulkhead in butlers pantry sans cornice


Under stair storage is massive

JM called me whilst the shower screen supplier was on site measuring up. He had a question about the shower screen in the powder room downstairs. During the initial planning stage, we added a shower in the powder room. On the plans, it’s specified as only having a fixed glass panel with no door.  I think a reasonable person would assume that when you ask for a shower, you will get a shower screen with a door. Silly us, we didn’t check the fine print and because we signed off on the plans we may now cop a variation if we want to add a door. Arrgh, never assume anything peeps!


Downstairs shower


Sneak peek of our double undermount sinks

We had our hearts set on spotted gum floors for our house but we really didn’t like the standard way that Metricon install timber flooring with scotia. We begrudgingly paid the hefty variation of ‘no scotia’. I’m starting to wonder how they will do the flooring around the waterfall edge of the island. I’ll be discussing this with JM when I see him on Wednesday. Hopefully he’s on top of it but with 18 builds on his plate, I won’t be surprised if he’s not aware of this variation. Better to give him the heads up ASAP so there’s no unpleasant surprise down the track.


Waterfall edge




Kids bathroom benchtop ‘Caesarstone Linen’



I’m so glad I managed to talk the building manager into letting us change the cladding in the master bedroom balcony. I love the contemporary look of the Matrix panels. 


Balcony walls in Scyon Matrix


22 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. trixee says:

    It’s so great that your ss is on the ball, makes such a huge difference. I hear you on the “never assume” thing. I suspect that builders don’t think in quite the same way as normal people do!

  2. Johanne says:

    Love the kids’ bathroom basin and Caesarstone. An unusual shape, a bit stone like. I’m interested to hear what will be done about the timber floors and the waterfall edged bench. We will have the same predicament. I’m imagining a plain edge. No beading.

    • Sheilzy says:

      I definitely don’t want beading. I made sure I confirmed they won’t use beading in the kitchen including the island before we signed off on the variations!

  3. Yvonne says:

    The SS is great. Thank goodness the fridge space is fixed. And the shower screen I was going to say a fixed screen would be great until I saw the picture! Sometimes changing the designs has unintended consequences! (As we have found out)

    We are doing our flooring now and you will likely get either c channel or border trim I suspect or caulking.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Yay for the fridge. I knew it looked on the skinny side when frames went up. I can sleep better now that it’s fixed. I’d have to see what the fixed panel looks like. We may leave it as is and add the door later. It’s a guest bathroom anyways so shower won’t get used that often.

      The border trim doesn’t look too bad. I think if they can match it to the spotted gum floors, I probably wouldn’t be too unhappy about it. What’s a c chanel?

  4. debdjd says:

    Good to see that you have been able to sort out the fridge space. I have to agree that you never assume anything!
    It is coming together very nicely Sheilzy and I am sure you are getting pretty excited ☺

  5. sydfam says:

    It’s great seeing your build progress. Your SS is a champion! Just hoping ours is as thorough.

    Good luck with the flooring trims in the kitchen. I am sure the spotted gum will look fab.

  6. Jd says:

    Hi Shielzy
    Good progress! Agree with you on not seeing significant change weekly. I just got into that stage. Your build started 2 months ahead of me but my house is only 29 so hopefully quicker. Still expecting handover by early July?

    • Sheilzy says:

      Hi Jd, caught up with the SS onsite yesterday. He told me Metricon won’t present the house until the construction manager and QA have checked the whole house with a fine tooth comb. He’s aiming for a July handover. It won’t be early July but hopefully sometime in the middle would be nice. Are you building a Metricon house?

      • Jd says:

        Yes also in Ryde area. Hopefully yours would finish soon and in the quality expected. I assume the construction mgr and QA are both from Metricon? Also I assume your independent inspector will check before handover? I sometimes think that I should’ve also hired an independent inspector.

        Tnx for the response appreciate it. Tnx for sharing your experience.

  7. MrsST says:

    Its looking really good! I hope our build is as thorough and quick. We are at frame stage with windows in – bricks to be delivered next week. We opted for no scotia too so interested to see how that turns out for you.

  8. Jd says:

    Hi Sheilzy

    I just noticed that your under stair storage has been lined completely with plaster. Mine was lined only on the walls (steps still exposed). Is yours standard or did you have a variation for it?

    On a more important note, any updates on your handover date?


    • Sheilzy says:

      Hi JD, we added the understair storage but we didn’t specify the finish so I can only assume we got the standard version. In saying that, our SS is really thorough and goes the extra mile so I can’t be 100% sure that it is standard. You should check with your SS.
      All inspections are happening this week – CM today, Houspect on Wed and QA on Thurs. We are really pushing for handover next week. Soooo over this build!

      • Jd says:

        Thanks Sheilzy. I will check it with my SS.

        I agree with you. It’s tiring. But at least you’re almost there!!! So bring back the energy!!!

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