Builder’s Schedule

 I was at the house yesterday organising the joinery measure and boy did I pick a good day to visit! The block was a hive of activity and the site manager had his hands full barking orders at the chippies and trouble shooting a leak from the lower roof. A puddle of water inside the supposedly water-tight Study aint a good sign but it’s better the issue cropped up now than later when we’ve moved in. The roofers were quickly summoned to fix what needed fixing and I’ll be sure to get our independent inspector give that section a thorough check when he comes in for the final building inspection before handover.

JM once again proved his weight in gold. He clarified a few niggles. First off, he told me that we’re now getting a shower door in the guest bathroom at no extra charge.  He also reassured me that he’s aware of our ‘no scotia beading’ variation for our timber floors and confirmed there will be no beading or trim around the kitchen island. It sounds like they will be caulking to seal the gap between the floor and waterfall end. I hope the sealant is properly applied so the edge is invisible. Watch this space😄

As I was discussing wardrobe plans with our joiner, JM actually made a point to ask the joiner how he wanted the robe spaces finished. They lost me with their builder lingo but suffice to say I was appreciative of his proactiveness. He didn’t have to talk to the joiner and I certainly didn’t ask him to but he went out if his way to help anyway. Just goes to show what a good site manager he is. Lucky us!

Finally he ran me through the schedule. So, looks like he’s aiming to present the house mid July. Ohemgee!!! We are possibly only 4 weekends away from getting our hands on the much coveted set of keys. Someone pinch me. I can’t believe the end is sooooo close. I’m crossing all fingers and toes that every single job runs on schedule. Woohoo!!!


10 thoughts on “Builder’s Schedule

  1. monalisa says:

    OMG Sheilzy!!! So exciting!!!!! 😀 SO SO SO close 😀 amazing!!!
    Can’t wait to be in your shoes!!!

    Are you going with Betta cupboards or the davella kitchens for the joinery? Its silly we got the melamine shelf and the hanging rain in our robes…such a waste – as we will need to take it out anyway – with the new fit out.

  2. monalisa says:

    PS Have you started packing yet? We could start now now now! we will start getting rid of stuff we wont be taking with us once we are through tiles and some of the post hand over list.

    Have you booked in blinds etc?

    • Sheilzy says:

      Lucky for us most of our stuff are in storage so not much packing to worry about. Great idea to de-clutter and cull everything you won’t be taking to the new house. Wish we did that! We’re finalising window furnishing soon. Just waiting on 1 more quote. We probably will be needed temp blinds because the lead time for shutters are between 8-10 weeks.

      • monalisa says:


        Lucky you! Not much packing 😀

        I was calculating your total time excl. the 3-4 weeks shut down… if ours is similar – we should be done by first week to mid December. Now this rain needs to stop!!

      • Sheilzy says:

        If we get handover mid July, our build will be exactly 32 weeks from site start. That also includes the 5 weeks of no action during Xmas. So we would have been under the contract time if trades didn’t go on holidays!

  3. trixee says:

    That’s fantastic sheilzy, you’re so close! All that activity must be so exciting, it’s going to look awesome!

  4. Jd says:

    Thanks for the schedule copy. We can definitely use this as benchmark for our own. Glad to hear they are ahead of schedule. So jealous.

  5. Jd says:

    It would be of interest what your independent inspector would say about the leak. Hopefully your timber, insulation and gyprock aren’t too affected by the moisture.

    • Sheilzy says:

      They cut out a section of the insulation so hopefully they put in a new one before re-plastering. SS is very much on the ball so I have confidence that he won’t be taking any shortcuts.

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