Locked out 

Metricon are ticking things off the list as planned. Painters had their last day on Tuesday and it also looked like the electricians completed the air conditioning, lighting and electrical fitoff yesterday. I thought they were due to complete the fitoff today hence my lunchtime drive-by to have a close nosey at the painting workmanship. 

I was disappointed to see the house empty. Although I still managed to get inside the fence as whoever was the last to leave didn’t do a good job locking up the gates. So, I was able to see a bit of the progress through the windows. 

Sorry for the poor quality pics. 

‘Orpheus’ bricks scrubbed up well😄

Hume Savoy ‘XS26’ stained Rich Walnut

Dining Room feature wall painted in Dulux ‘Ceylonese’

We tried to negotiate with the electrician to install LED downlights instead of the ridiculously ugly UFO battens. They were happy to oblige however our site manager stepped in and wouldn’t have a bar of it. Boohoo! It’s easy enough to change after handover so no big deal.

UFO lights

I also spied bath and stuff waiting for plumbing fitoff. Can’t wait to see all our shiny tapware go in.

Plumbing hardware

Next week is another big milestone week. Our much awaited Spotted Gum floors are getting installed! Woohoo👍

4 thoughts on “Locked out 

  1. trixee says:

    ooh that’s so exciting! Your SS is a party-pooper, but they do charge different lights at different rates so I can understand why he did that. Love how your front door has a “special” sticker on it 😉 Your Decina bath looks huge!

    • Sheilzy says:

      I didn’t even notice the sticker and size of the bath. Decima bath is standard for the kids bathroom. Did you see the Roca Gap? If my memory serves me, you were considering the Gap for your house?

  2. laurencornes says:

    It’s looking really good, and with the floors in I’m sure that’s just going to totally transform it again. Sorry to hear they couldn’t accommodate you with the lighting, how annoying. Exciting times!

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