Tripping the light fantastic 

As the anxious wait for news of PCI continues, we are keeping ourselves distracted by ticking things off the long list of post handover jobs. It feels like every spare minute we have is spent running house-related errands.

Last weekend was all about lights. I had already spent a lot of time short listing pendant choices for the house so it was a relatively simple selection process.

For the bedrooms, the girls have given the large ‘Polk’ pendant the thumbs up. Little missy moo and miss 14yo have chosen white whilst miss C has picked the black pendant. I couldn’t justify splurging on the Coco Flip but I found the Polk a fantastic alternative.


Large ‘Polk’

For the entrance, we want something subtle but not boring, and won’t clash with the hero of the space – Tarisse King ‘Earth Images’. So, we are leaning towards the idea of a timber pendant like this timber ribbon.

Timber Ribbon

Or maybe the Bali Ball..

Bali Ball

In the dining room, we need a fairly large pendant to provide sufficient lighting for our 2.7m x 1.2m reclaimed wooden table. The lighting expert at Z Two suggested getting two smaller pendants (60cm diameter) instead of one large (90cm). We only provisioned one light point in the dining room so before we commit to buying two pendants, we need to check with the electrician.

Wood Shaving Pendant

We have three light points provisioned for the kitchen island. To tie in with the black dining room pendant, we have decided on the Tom Dixon Beat.


Tom Dixon Beat Fat Black

The stairwell void is earmarked for the  bold statement piece – Raimond Moooi pendant. The only question we are mulling over is whether we should go for one large (89cm) pendant or a cluster of three pendants – possibly two small (43cm) and one medium (61cm) at offsetting heights.  Decisions decisions decisions!



Moving on

We met the SM this morning and begrudgingly accepted Metricon’s decision in regard to the flooring issues. Whilst they agreed to remove the trims around the kitchen and waterfall edge, they stood firm on the expansion joint in the hallway. We challenged the join as the floating floorboards in their display house – ‘Henderson 42’ in HomeWorld was laid without trims in the hallway.

The response was there had been a policy change and it’s now mandatory to install a join if the floor area spans more than 15 meters in length. This bit of info should have been clearly communicated to us but at no point during our flooring appointment were we told about it. I feel very much let down especially given all the to’ing and fro’ing over the scotia beading! Honestly I would gladly take the edge trims over the in-your-face join across the hallway any day.

As disappointing as it is to have the join, the good news is they agreed to replace the C-channels with a H-trim which should hopefully give us a much nicer finish. We are relieved to put this hiccup behind us so the SM could move forward with the rest of the final touches.

Apart from the flooring dramas, we couldn’t be any happier with the house. It still feels unreal to be so close to the end after months and months of planning, designing and stressing over every little aspect! Our Hudson is almost ours! Excitement level is running at an all time high right now! Eeeek😄

Guest powder room


Shower screen (with a door) in guest powder room


Kids bathroom


Kids bathroom



Ensuite – dual rail shower head still to be replaced

So where to from here?

The line up for next week looks something like this…

  • Carpet Call are committed to finishing rectification work by no later than Monday
  • The carpenters and Castlewood Kitchens are back on Tuesday to re-fit the skirting and kick boards respectively
  • Painters are coming on Wednesday for touch ups
  • Brick and house cleaners on Thursday

If everything goes to plan, the Construction Manager will be carrying out his inspection on Monday 27th July and then the QA inspection on Wednesday. We are praying they both pass the house so we can get our independent building inspector in for his final inspection. Only when all these checks have been signed off will the SM present the house to us. So as much as I have my heart set on getting keys this month, I just don’t see it happening. Your guess is as good as mine😄

If you haven’t already played, enter your handover date guess for your chance to win a copy of The Block judge Shaynna Blaze’s book.

Guess our handover date competition 

It’s not much of a Monday in Sydney. No clear blue skies to welcome in the new week. It’s wet, cold and plain miserable – just the perfect weather for sleeping in. Too bad work beckons and staying warm and toasty under the doona is not an option. To combat the Monday blues, I thought we could have a bit of fun on the blog today. I have to thank the lovely Dea from Majestic blog for this inspired post 😄

So, as the title of the post suggests I’m running our Hudson’s first ever giveaway. Guess the date Metricon hand over possession of the house to us and this little pocket of interior design genius awaits you.

The rules are short and simple!

Handover date is deemed the date we get keys to the house. The first person who guesses the actual date (or closest date) wins. Easy peasy!

To enter, simply submit your guess by commenting on this post.

Competition is open to Australian readers only and entries close 11:59pm AEST Monday 20th July. The winner will be announced on the blog a week after handover date.

Good luck and thanks for playing😎

Light at the end of the tunnel

Well today marked 219 days since the official start of construction. This week also saw us reach a milestone with all the major items now being completed! I can finally say we are in the home stretch. Woohoo!!!


I drive my husband crazy sweating the small stuff. It’s very easy to lose sight of the big picture and focus on the negatives when things aren’t done to expectations. I’ve tried following hubby’s lead and gloss over the little imperfections but some things are just too important to play down! To keep the blog honest, I thought I would share our list of building dramas. Thank goodness it’s a short list!

Welcome to my first world problems😄

Floor Trims
The first one is the mother of all FWP. As I previously rambled here, we paid the hefty variation to delete all beading throughout the house so imagine my disappointment at seeing trim edging all over the kitchen floors. JM hasn’t given me an update in regard to the kitchen trims but guess what else made me see red this morning? It would appear the installer saw fit to put a join smack bang in the middle of the hallway! Pardon my French but seriously WTF👺I duly sent a “please explain” email to JM.

What’s wrong with this picture? 

Shower head
Well, my pedantic nature saved the day! By chance, Nick and I were at the house during the plumbing fitoff. I noticed straight away that the round shower heads were installed in the ensuite instead of the square ones we selected. It turned out we overlooked the typo in the colour schedule and Metricon’s reply was short and sweet, “sorry but you signed off so bad luck”! I was kicking myself for not picking up the error especially as I recall discussing it with the colour consultant. I feel slightly embarrassed to admit this but I spent hours in bed thinking back and berating myself for being so careless when I had a flash of genius. It dawned on me to cross check the product code on the colour schedule with the code on Reece’s website and ta da the code specified on the schedule in fact pertains to the square head. I felt a bit ridiculous arguing over square vs round shower head but needless to say Metricon relented and the round shower heads will be replaced ASAP.  Phew, I can sleep better now😝

Porcher Cygnet Round Dual Shower Rail

Porcher Cygnet Round Dual Shower Rail

Tap point in guest powder room
I have to thank my fellow Metricon home builder ausbuster for flagging this next FWP. We upgraded all our toilets to BTW so the tap points are hidden behind the wall cavity. For unknown reason our downstairs powder room seems to have an extra tap point near the floor next to the toilet. Neither of the upstairs bathrooms has this tap point so it baffles me why the guest powder room had been done differently. Stay tuned for JM’s response!

Stairwell Painting
We chose to paint the ground floor and first floor walls a different shade of Dulux Sandy Day. Downstairs, we went full strength and upstairs we decided to go half a shade lighter. Given the stair walls are more visible upstairs, it was a no brainier to run Sandy Day Half Strength along the stairs to tie in with the rest of the first floor walls. This was clearly specified on the colour schedule so I didn’t expect any surprises at all. Hmmm, either the painters didn’t check the contract or they completely disregarded our instructions? The mind boggles!!


Painters hedging their bets?

One final vent…I received an email from our Metricon construction support in regard to installation of electrical meters. Apparently connection of power to the new house was not included in the contract. HUH??? How could such a critical item be left out of the contract? If I hadn’t read ausbuster’s blog post about this, I would have been blindsided by this latest news. I haven’t received the formal quote from Vaccaro but I emailed the electrical consultant to get an estimate and she advised it could cost anywhere from $500 to $1500. Not happy jan!