Shopping time

We have never lived in such a big house with multiple designated zones. Downstairs, our Hudson has a Study, Home Theatre, Dining Room and Family Room. Upstairs, along with four bedrooms we also have a separate Leisure, Childs Retreat and Parents Retreat zones. Our existing furniture collection ain’t gonna cut it so we have been busy shopping up a storm. Just as well the end-of-financial-year sales are on and we have been lucky to score some fantastic discounts. Perfect timing!

For the Family Room, we are waiting delivery of a 3 + 2.5 seater sofa from Domayne. We are still on the hunt for armchairs, coffee table and floor lamps to complete the zone. 


Ivy sofa from Domayne

For the home theatre, we really wanted a comfy modular lounge but finding the perfect one proved tricky as hubby and I couldn’t agree! I was sold on the award-winning design Jasper modular from King Furniture but the bad reviews online were enough to put us off. We also put a deposit on a Molmic ‘Husk’ modular but eventually committed to a custom ‘Chelsea’ lounge from Sofa Studio.

‘Chelsea’ modular lounge

The dining table was another source of many heated debates between hubby and I. Right from the outset, he insisted on a rustic table. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a table that oozes character but I was worried that it wouldn’t suit the contemporary style of our house. After hubby vetoed my selections, I finally found the table that both of us absolutely loved at first sight! This beauty is a one-off piece made from recycled hardwood timbers. To give it a modern edge, I’m toying with the idea of pairing it with classic Eames dining chairs. 

Bespoke recycled timber dining table from Coopers Store

If you’re after Australian made, handcrafted wooden furniture check out Coopers Store. They also make beautifully crafted bespoke doors like their amazingly beautiful ‘Camelot’ front door. Talk about making an entrance! 

Nick and I are looking forward to having our weekends back. We’re both a bit over spending our days off traipsing all over Sydney shopping! Who would have thought I’d be saying that? But it’s a while yet before we can rest and really enjoy the fruits of our labour. We still have a few items in the shopping list. 

  • Dining chairs
  • Bar stools
  • Armchairs
  • Floor lamps
  • Outdoor daybed for the balcony
  • Sofa bed for Study

We also need to purchase all the LED downlights and pendants to replace the ugly UFO battens. We have a fairly good idea of what we want so hopefully it’s a quick and simple exercise.

Finally, our stunning commissioned Tarisse King painting has arrived and waiting to take pride of place on the entry wall. It was a special gift from hubby for my 40th birthday. Lucky me😄

Tarisse King ‘Earth Images’

13 thoughts on “Shopping time

  1. debdjd says:

    Love, love the dining table and it looks like you have got some great buys.
    The painting is stunning and will certainly have that ‘Wow’ impact in your entrance.
    We are still looking for ‘stuff’ – trying hard to find some outdoor furniture and floor lamps and also need some paintings – the list goes on!!
    I’m looking forward to the feet up and glass of bubbles moment -at this rate I think it might be towards summer lol ☺

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks Deb. I think I’ve been too ambitious in thinking we could get everything organised and bought so that we could just move in and start enjoying the new house. I think it’ll be a while before we can rest😱

  2. lunar62 says:

    Lucky, lucky you a bespoke Tarisse King, what a wonderful gift. How will he trump that for your 50th 🙂 !
    Beautiful dining table, thanks for the heads up about Coopers. I discovered Wildwood Designs in Sydney and I am waiting to be let loose in there. Hubby says we move in first then decide on furniture. I nod and agree but then say ‘Of course – apart from the coffee table, the lamp tables, the console table …’. I managed to get an absolute dream of a King size bed before the furniture moratorium was agreed 🙂

  3. Yvonne says:

    Jealous of your shopping. I’m trying to show down my impatience and enjoy the show road to a home.

    Your house will be a lot more finished than ours but I’m really finding that I have no time to get away from the house on weekends as we are so busy getting things done.

    So enjoy your shopping whilst you can 🙂

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thank Yvonne. Never enough time in the week to get all the things done we need before the big move. Hence I haven’t managed to drop by and check out your beautiful new house. Sorry😳

  4. Sydfam says:

    Love your furniture selections! It’ll be so nice to have it all furnished nicely when you move in.

    Once our home is built we’ll have to save to tackle our furniture wish list. I also have my eye on the Ivy lounge. I am hoping to team it up with the Titan coffee table. So I’ll be very keen to see pictures once it arrives in your beautiful new home.

  5. Johanne says:

    Good to see a good Aussie sofa in your choices! They all look comfy. Did you have a full range of fabrics to choose from for your purchases? I’m also a bit envious that you are preparing to move in with a full complement of new furnishings. I’m expecting it to take at least a year before I will have the interior sorted out and maybe two for outside! I don’t think our finances could handle a pre-handover/final payment shopping spree. The landscaping is going to suck up every last cent.
    Your painting is divine. Wow! So special. I think it was a good decision to split the image into three. I wonder if you’d mind sending me an email with the dimensions and price. Pretty please!
    Finally, with my physiotherapist hat on, I’d recommend finding out how comfortable (or not) the Eames chairs are before you invest in a whole set. They look stylish but uncomfortable to me.

    • Sheilzy says:

      As usual very safe advice Joh. Thanks! I know I have to reign in my impatience in getting the interior asap. Hubby has put his foot down hence we are waiting till we move in before we commit to the lights. Both sets of lounges are very comfy! We did have the full range of fabric to choose from but luckily we found the something we loved from the standard range so didn’t have to pay extra. The painting is soooo beautiful in real life. I’m very happy with it. I’ll email you deets😄

  6. trixee says:

    Like the others, I’m envious of your shopping spree. I’m having a look around at the moment but am waiting for the final aha moment on a few things. Not in a rush, much as I’d like to have pretty new things before we move in. I was seriously looking at the Jasper at one point too but ended up deciding against it as it wasn’t a perfect fit for our needs.

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