I drive my husband crazy sweating the small stuff. It’s very easy to lose sight of the big picture and focus on the negatives when things aren’t done to expectations. I’ve tried following hubby’s lead and gloss over the little imperfections but some things are just too important to play down! To keep the blog honest, I thought I would share our list of building dramas. Thank goodness it’s a short list!

Welcome to my first world problems😄

Floor Trims
The first one is the mother of all FWP. As I previously rambled here, we paid the hefty variation to delete all beading throughout the house so imagine my disappointment at seeing trim edging all over the kitchen floors. JM hasn’t given me an update in regard to the kitchen trims but guess what else made me see red this morning? It would appear the installer saw fit to put a join smack bang in the middle of the hallway! Pardon my French but seriously WTF👺I duly sent a “please explain” email to JM.

What’s wrong with this picture? 

Shower head
Well, my pedantic nature saved the day! By chance, Nick and I were at the house during the plumbing fitoff. I noticed straight away that the round shower heads were installed in the ensuite instead of the square ones we selected. It turned out we overlooked the typo in the colour schedule and Metricon’s reply was short and sweet, “sorry but you signed off so bad luck”! I was kicking myself for not picking up the error especially as I recall discussing it with the colour consultant. I feel slightly embarrassed to admit this but I spent hours in bed thinking back and berating myself for being so careless when I had a flash of genius. It dawned on me to cross check the product code on the colour schedule with the code on Reece’s website and ta da the code specified on the schedule in fact pertains to the square head. I felt a bit ridiculous arguing over square vs round shower head but needless to say Metricon relented and the round shower heads will be replaced ASAP.  Phew, I can sleep better now😝

Porcher Cygnet Round Dual Shower Rail

Porcher Cygnet Round Dual Shower Rail

Tap point in guest powder room
I have to thank my fellow Metricon home builder ausbuster for flagging this next FWP. We upgraded all our toilets to BTW so the tap points are hidden behind the wall cavity. For unknown reason our downstairs powder room seems to have an extra tap point near the floor next to the toilet. Neither of the upstairs bathrooms has this tap point so it baffles me why the guest powder room had been done differently. Stay tuned for JM’s response!

Stairwell Painting
We chose to paint the ground floor and first floor walls a different shade of Dulux Sandy Day. Downstairs, we went full strength and upstairs we decided to go half a shade lighter. Given the stair walls are more visible upstairs, it was a no brainier to run Sandy Day Half Strength along the stairs to tie in with the rest of the first floor walls. This was clearly specified on the colour schedule so I didn’t expect any surprises at all. Hmmm, either the painters didn’t check the contract or they completely disregarded our instructions? The mind boggles!!


Painters hedging their bets?

One final vent…I received an email from our Metricon construction support in regard to installation of electrical meters. Apparently connection of power to the new house was not included in the contract. HUH??? How could such a critical item be left out of the contract? If I hadn’t read ausbuster’s blog post about this, I would have been blindsided by this latest news. I haven’t received the formal quote from Vaccaro but I emailed the electrical consultant to get an estimate and she advised it could cost anywhere from $500 to $1500. Not happy jan!

26 thoughts on “#FirstWorldProblems

  1. lunar62 says:

    I’d be seeing red about the flooring trim and joins too.
    Hopefully Metricon will sort out ALL the issues to your satisfaction.

    However I have to confess that your hall paintwork photo made me laugh out loud …. sorry.
    At least you’ll end up with an extra coat of paint on the stairs 🙂

    I had to google what a BTW loo was but I’m still stumped as to why there would be a tap there.

    • Sheilzy says:

      I must admit to laughing at the paintwork myself! As if anyone in their right frame of mind would actually choose to paint two different shades on the same wall? It’s not rocket science! Why can’t they just follow the contract? 😡

  2. monalisa says:

    Hi Sheilzy
    thanks for sharing your experiences…reminds me… we really need to keep dropping by the site when it comes to installation of all this.

    Good on you for checking the code. Hoping we haven’t missed anything – I did do multiple reviews – lets see :/

    • Sheilzy says:

      Trust me I went over all the plans, drawings, schedules a million times and I still missed a few things! I don’t think there’s such a thing as a perfect build so it really pays to be as hands on as possible so you pick up any issues early on and get the builder to rectify.

  3. monalisa says:

    We are getting bidet handsprays with the toilets – so we will be having those extra taps – will call the site supervisor tomorrow morning to remind him of this – as plumbing rough in happens tomorrow!!!

  4. trixee says:

    I think that first picture accurately depicts how I feel on the inside when I think too hard about the house. Nice work on the showerheads by the way, lucky you remembered!
    That join in the middle of the hallway is inexcusable. I mean, seriously???! Hope you get all your issues sorted out.

    • Sheilzy says:

      I’m hoping to put this flooring debacle behind us as soon as possible. I’m definitely going to stand my ground especially over that ridiculous join in the hallway. It’s not acceptable!

  5. Helen says:

    OMG Sheilzy, like WTF?????
    I am sooooo pissed off for you, I just can’t believe what they have done!
    How many times did you tell them/ remind them, over and over again about no beading yet there you go!!
    And that join, and that window trim?? Omg omg I’m not happy at all and it’s not even my house lol
    We are having major flooring dilemmas with Metricon too ATM, so I’m waiting to hear back from them.
    They don’t know who they’re dealing with, it’s my house
    and I want it done MY way lol!!! Good luck!!

    • Sheilzy says:

      Aww Helen thank you for the moral support! I’m trying to contain my anger and to be fair our SM has escalated to his boss so I’m really hoping he sorts this issue out to our satisfaction. I’d love to know what flooring issue you are facing? Do you mind sharing? Pls email me if you prefer – ourmetriconhudson@gmail.com
      Thanks and hope you also get a happy outcome 😄

      • Helen says:

        Hi Sheilzy,

        It’s the same old song really, we want to put down our own floor boards, so want Metricon to supply not install, the skirting boards, so that we can put them in after our floors in order to avoid scotia/beading.
        They say they will only do it- supply skirtings IF we get the floor boards through them and of course pay the privilege of $2,000, as you know all too well. Well, I don’t like their floorboards so I only want the skirting boards, I mean, they were going to put them in the house, it’s part of the build for God’s sake!
        Anyhow, Metricon won’t play fair, they said either
        their floors and skirtings after they lay them, or NO skirtings AT ALL are to be provided!!
        I am soooo mad, it’s my house, do it my way, not there’s . To be continued…

      • Dave Hughes says:

        Hi Helen
        Not only will they not supply the skirting boards when deleting flooring (we tried the same thing) they will also slug you a $1500 fee to remove them. The matching skirtings are very easy to source yourself and are really not that expensive. Any decent floor installer will install too.

        We ended up just going with the blackbutt 1 strip instead of the solid blackbutt flooring we originally planned.

  6. Jd says:

    I can feel your frustrations Sheilzy. When the plumbers installed the sewer pipe/vents that goes through the roof, it was smackbang in the centre and front part of the roof. It was clearly visible from the street. When I checked with the SM he said that’s the best location for it from plumbers’ POV. And that it won’t be too obvious when painted. I disagreed and argued that my wet areas were all as per standard location and if that’s the case then I should see the same in their display home. They relocated it later. My point is things like this should have been picked up by SM rather than us. Also my roof pointers downstairs is taking ages to fully complete. When it rained 3 weeks ago the gyprock ceiling got water damaged so they replaced it. Hopefully all the timber frames have dried. Btw, my SM resigned from M so I’m meeting the new one. Hopefully the transition causes no delay. I hope you’ll feel slightly better that somebody else is feeling the same as you.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Hey JD, aren’t you building in Ryde? You don’t have JM as your SM? Sorry to hear about your build issues. Good job getting M to relocate the pipe/vent location. We’ve had a relatively smooth construction phase so this flooring saga is very frustrating!

      • Jd says:

        No it’s a different person. I agree yours is fairly smooth and quick as well. If I compare my progress to yours, you went from start of gyprock to start of tiling in 25 days. My gyprocking started 12 june and we’ve only commenced screeting today. Yours is over 40 sqrs mine is less than 29. The joys of building. Metricon is a good company but at the end of the day you need to have an efficient and caring supervisor.

  7. Dave Hughes says:

    Just for an FYI we also deleted the scotia on our flooring and were advised by the carpetcall rep at our studio M appointment that the beading you have will be placed against door and kitchen island (really no other way to finish against these surfaces as floors do move quite a bit). Also was advised that a continuous run of more than 15 metres lengthways will require a join.

    I am going to do my best to speak with our SM when the time comes to have the join or at least a single channel with a slot either side. Butting two against each other looks cheap and nasty and I’m suprised Metricon allow it.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I wish this had been communicated to us at time. Neither the carpet call nor the studio m consultants explained this. I even have confirmation from studio m that all beading will be deleted including around kitchen island. The trims in the middle of the hallway looks terrible, definitely not the seamless look we were after! I’m meeting the SM and floor installed next week to sort this out. So, I need to do my research and hopefully come with with a solution.

  8. sydfam says:

    We’re installing the floor boards after handover and getting the kitchen co to trim the kick boards to size and to reinstall them. They said it will cost approx $250 to do.

    Around the waterfall edges we’re getting the installers to cut as close to the stone as possible and fill the gap with silicon. It might mean a 7-8mm gap but we think it’ll be a nicer finish than scotia. I think the ideal solution would be to cut the waterfall side shorter so the boards can go under them. We tried getting M to do this but they just wouldn’t allow it.

    We’re going through Carpet Court and have been advised that an expansion join is not needed in our hall way. Our continuous run is just over 14m. You can try asking Michelle on the homeone flooring forum. She works for another Carpet Court branch and might be able to offer more help.

    I hope you get the issues sorted out soon.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks Anna. SM has now told me they will redo the kitchen so there won’t be any beading there as they will slide the floorboards under the kick boards and cork around the waterfall. In regard to the join, the problem is our floor area is massive, from front door to the back is approx 24m long so CM and BM are adamant we need expansion joints in the hallway! I’ll PM Michelle and ask her opinion. Thanks

      • Dave Hughes says:

        There are some much nicer ways to have an expansion joint in the hallway. A H channel would look much nicer for starters as you would not have the ugly line between the seperate U channels which I bet will just fill up with dirt and grime.

        Personally I will be using a Quick step inciso trim

        Even if I have to tell them to leave a gap and I do it after handover. Will also be replacing whatever trim against the rear sliding doors with Inciso also.

        Great that they will replace the kictchen trim that is a win. I will be making sure they do the same on mine.

      • Sheilzy says:

        The H-trim is my plan B Dave😄 I think if M insist on the expansion joint, the H-trims in spotted gum is the best solution. I’ll update after my meeting with the SS.

  9. Dave Hughes says:

    Also when they say cork do they mean actual cork like you would use on a solid timber floor. Or are the talking caulk as in coloured no more gaps? Wouldn’t recommend the latter for a floor that will likely have water on it. Silicon would be a much better choice.

    I am and cabinetmaker/shopfitter by trade and have installed many a floating floor and kitchen in my time. Which is why i’m very interested to see how flexible metricon will be.

  10. Dave Hughes says:

    Hope so too. Just have not seen it done with a floating floor before. Its annoying that two finishes for a floor can be so different yet pronounced the same. Let us know the outcome.

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