Moving on

We met the SM this morning and begrudgingly accepted Metricon’s decision in regard to the flooring issues. Whilst they agreed to remove the trims around the kitchen and waterfall edge, they stood firm on the expansion joint in the hallway. We challenged the join as the floating floorboards in their display house – ‘Henderson 42’ in HomeWorld was laid without trims in the hallway.

The response was there had been a policy change and it’s now mandatory to install a join if the floor area spans more than 15 meters in length. This bit of info should have been clearly communicated to us but at no point during our flooring appointment were we told about it. I feel very much let down especially given all the to’ing and fro’ing over the scotia beading! Honestly I would gladly take the edge trims over the in-your-face join across the hallway any day.

As disappointing as it is to have the join, the good news is they agreed to replace the C-channels with a H-trim which should hopefully give us a much nicer finish. We are relieved to put this hiccup behind us so the SM could move forward with the rest of the final touches.

Apart from the flooring dramas, we couldn’t be any happier with the house. It still feels unreal to be so close to the end after months and months of planning, designing and stressing over every little aspect! Our Hudson is almost ours! Excitement level is running at an all time high right now! Eeeek😄

Guest powder room


Shower screen (with a door) in guest powder room


Kids bathroom


Kids bathroom



Ensuite – dual rail shower head still to be replaced

So where to from here?

The line up for next week looks something like this…

  • Carpet Call are committed to finishing rectification work by no later than Monday
  • The carpenters and Castlewood Kitchens are back on Tuesday to re-fit the skirting and kick boards respectively
  • Painters are coming on Wednesday for touch ups
  • Brick and house cleaners on Thursday

If everything goes to plan, the Construction Manager will be carrying out his inspection on Monday 27th July and then the QA inspection on Wednesday. We are praying they both pass the house so we can get our independent building inspector in for his final inspection. Only when all these checks have been signed off will the SM present the house to us. So as much as I have my heart set on getting keys this month, I just don’t see it happening. Your guess is as good as mine😄

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11 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. monalisa says:

    Hi Sheilzy…

    Sorry to hear about the floor joint 😦

    Isn’t it great that M have the their CM and independent QA come out? I guess it means that all homes meet their set standards! I didn’t know until I read Ausbuster’s blog – do you know if it is included in the contract?


    • Sheilzy says:

      I don’t think it was in the contract but I understand it’s standard process for CM and QA inspections. I would still advise to have an independent inspection just to have another level of check.

  2. monalisa says:

    Yes we will def have our own inspector go thru.

    Btw – saw the SM today – snappy and arrogant – don’t like him. He is condescending, and one cannot have a convo with him. My sister spoke with the CSC this evening, and she has asked for us to send in an email.

    We thought its best to draw the line now – because he cannot answer questions without being agitated, and being rude; and its almost like well you gotta put up with whatever ‘we’ do. No straight answers. Come later down the track, I wonder if we can even challenge if we do not like something.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Oh no sorry to hear about your issues. It is unacceptable behaviour from the SS to be rude and condescending! There’s really no reason for it. I can’t even begin to imagine how I could have survived the build if our SS was an a***hole! But I wouldn’t have tolerated that kind of behaviour and would have asked for another SS. What did the CSC say?

  3. ausbuster says:

    Bathrooms look great!

    have you realised how high the power points are in the bathrooms? I have the same config at our house and am wondering how it will work with a permanent charge station (e.g. electric toothbrush). I was going to complain to JM, but it seems like its the norm…

  4. MrsST says:

    Hi Sheilzy – have been following your blog with interest and I have to say the whole house looks great overall. We are in the bricking stage (building the liberty in the Nth shore of Sydney) which seems to be taking forever and have the same SS I think – JM.

    I think M need to have a serious rethink about their flooring options and the issue of scotia and finishes in my view. To pay $2000 to get no scotia – which is a lot of money when you think it is basically paying someone per hour to lay floor more carefully and accurately and then to have a disappointing finish anyway (I get they are rectifying it later but the point is it was finished badly to start with) is unacceptable in my view. I think M should have a non scotia policy – built into the price – for designer range. They need this if they are going to compete with orther builders offering a high quality finish. I will be watching the install of our flooring very carefully!! That said, you must be very happy as the house overall

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks MrsST. I’m more disappointed about the expansion joint in the hallway because there was no mention of it during the selection process. If this had been communicated to us then expectation would have been differently so you can imagine the shock at seeing the trims in the middle of the hallway. I agree that M need to re think the beading option especially as they market themselves as high end project builder and the scotia lets down the flooring big time. I have expressed my disappointment to JM and the Carpet Call consultant but rest assured I will be making a formal complaint about the lack of communication on the join. Definitely keep a very close eye when they install your floors. Even after flagging the no beading variation to JM, they still had to rectify the work!

  5. MrsST says:

    yes the expansion joint is a real shame and the communication is an issue –
    it might have even swayed us to get tiles – I guess its hard if there is a structural/ functional reason why something is needed as opposed to quality of finish issue. I am guessing we will have to have an expansion joint too given your experience which I agree is a bit of a shame 😦

  6. lunar62 says:

    Good luck with all the inspections Sheilzy.
    Is your inspection by Houspect the PCI inspection with you or is it a separate one?

    Hopefully the flooring has been rectified today, Monday, then your kitchen trims tomorrow.
    Looking forward to more photos of your lovely kitchen 🙂

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