Waiting impatiently

Today marks week 37 of what is supposedly a 32 week contract period. Conveniently for Metricon there are provisions in the contract that entitle the builder to claim an extension of the contract period. The two main causes of delays and extensions applicable to our build are due to adverse weather and the industry shutdown being a 5 week period commencing on or about 22 December. 

Unfortunately after taking these extensions into account, we are still inside the contract time. Mind you, the liquidated damages that we are entitled to if the building works do not reach practical completion by the end of the contract period is outrageously inadequate – $30 for each working day equates to roughly $180 per week! If you’re renting and paying the mortgage, any delay imposes a strain on the finances. Sigh😭

So, where are we at I hear you ask?

  • We received notice of Practical Completion (PC) for Thursday 13th August but JM hasn’t confirmed time for the PC walk through. 
  • Metricon sent the final invoice and we are now waiting for our bank to issue the cheque. 
  • We received an email outlining all the items that are our responsibility to complete prior to the issue of Interim and Final Occupancy Certificates. The only item required for the IOC is the installation of privacy screen to the master bedroom balcony. This is proving tricky as Metricon won’t allow our contractor onsite to complete the works until after handover. 
  • We also received our independent building inspector’s Pre-Handover report. For peace of mind, I highly recommend investing the money to engage a licenced builder to check for any defective workmanship or incomplete works. Houspect’s report contained 26 pages of detailed notes and visual evidence of all external and internal defects. Some of the defects were obvious but a few were surprising and would have been missed had we not had Houspect carry out the inspection. JM has his work cut out to rectify all the imperfections before our PC walk through. 
  • Temporary fence and portaloo have been removed. This is a huge milestone and signals the end is very very close!

Builders fence gone

Suffice to say, we are officially over the build! We just want our house.

14 thoughts on “Waiting impatiently

  1. andyrach says:

    Your house is looking great! You must be so excited.

    Do you mind sharing how much your Houspect report was? And was this the only part of your build that you used this service?
    We have been throwing around getting a report during the slab, frame and lock up stage… but this may be overkill.

    We don’t start our build until November, and I am hoping that we will have our slab down before the break. I didn’t realised the 5 weeks shut down over Christmas.

  2. sydfam says:

    Sorry to hear about the delays. I hope the PC walk through goes well and you can move into your beautiful home soon.

    We took onboard your recommendation and engaged Houspect to do the pre-lining inspection. I think it’s definitely worth the money considering the investment you’re making. 26 pages! Would be interested to hear of the major issues that came up in the report.

    Lastly I noticed you changed your garage door. How did you go about arranging that? I’m trying to change mine and they won’t even hear me out.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks Anna. Apart from the obvious painting defects, Houspect picked up issues with loose capping and downpipes, architrave to the front door has a crack in the mitre joint, floor wastes need cleaning out, crack in the bottom of the vanity cupboard and scratches on vanity doors. The major defects noted were movement crack in the Kitchen bulkhead – recommend control joint and tiling to the Alfresco appear to fall the wrong way.
      Re garage, no change as we selected the Caoba at studio m. I wish we went with the Cedar. The contrast with the front door is too much I think.

  3. lunar62 says:

    I second Debdjd.
    I keep thinking of you and hoping that no news is good news and that you’re in the process of moving in. In the meantime have you been busy packing and drawing up an action plan for when you do move?

    • Sheilzy says:

      This final stage is killing me! It’s so frustrating especially given the house is finished. SS hasn’t returned my call so I have no idea if we’re on track for PCI on Thursday. We have packed but I can’t organise removalist until I have a date. Arrrgh!

  4. trixee says:

    13th August – that’s tomorrow! Interesting to hear of those major issues your inspector found, I’ve added some to our list. I’m sure you’ll get your phone call today, good luck Sheilzy!

  5. Johanne says:

    Hang in there! You are so close, then a dip in your lovely bath will make it all see worthwhile. Better get onto that privacy screen first though! We are all looking forward to your “moved in” photos.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Thanks Joh. Yes, the balcony screen is definitely a priority. The handover list is long and I feel very disorganised. It will be a while before the house is ready for the ‘moved in’ photos!

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