Floor Plans

We are building the Hudson 42 but with all our design modifications, it’s now been upgraded to the Hudson 47+. Here’s a list of some of our design variations.


Via Metricon

Ground Floor

  • Added an Outdoor Room to rear of Dining
  • We really wanted to open up the back section of the house to exemplify indoor-outdoor living so we changed the standard sliding door and windows to the Family and Dining. We have upgraded to a corner 5-panel and 3-panel bi-fold door units with clear opening and two sets of stacker sliding doors.
  • Increased ceiling height from 2550mm to 2700mm and internal door height from 2040mm to 2340mm
  • Added a dropped feature ceiling to Kitchen
  • The shower in the powder room is actually marked as a Coats cupboard in the standard floor plans. We don’t know about you but we felt this space is better used as a 3rd shower. Very handy especially in a house with 4 girls. We also added a cavity sliding door turning this space into a full bathroom rather than merely a powder room.
  • Added plasterboard lined stud wall to Staircase/Study effectively giving us the flexibility of using this space as a study/guest bedroom. We added double cavity sliding doors.
  • Added double cavity sliding doors to the Sitting. We have plans to turn this room into our theatre room.
  • Added internal door under stairs for storage.
  • Added internal access door from Garage. I must say I found it annoying that this isn’t a standard inclusion!
  • Our kitchen variations are still pending. Hopefully the external kitchen consultant will get back to us with the modified drawings and more importantly pricing.
  • The facade is a bit of a sore point. We both wanted a contemporary look for our home and absolutely did not want a front balcony off our teenage daughter’s bedroom. Unluckily for us, the Hudson has limited facade options if you didn’t want a front balcony! So we have chosen the Traditional facade and made changes to jazz it up a bit. We extended the eaves around the house, increased the portico and added an opening through the side piers. We also changed the windows to the front elevation from standard to feature awning windows. We are in two minds about what to do with the portico. We have render included in our contract but not sure whether to clad it in stacked stone or some other material.
  • UPDATE: We decided to scrap the stacked stone idea and stick with the render. 

First Floor

Overall we loved the standard floor plans so we didn’t change much upstairs.

  • Added a balcony off the master and sliding stacker doors
  • Increased ceiling height from 2400mm to 2550mm
  • Upgraded to a freestanding bath and double shower in our ensuite
  • Deleted standard dividing stud wall between master and WIR creating more space and making our master suite feel very open and spacious
  • Replaced the window to the side of the ensuite with another Robe

7 thoughts on “Floor Plans

  1. Shamus (shambini) says:

    Love all the modifications. Just a word of warning. I had the plans on our website and received a demand from Metricon that we take them down because they are M’s intellectual property.

    • Sheilzy says:

      Hi Shamus, thanks for the heads up. These plans aren’t the final one we’ll submit to council. We changed a fair bit in the kitchen and butlers pantry.

  2. Jd says:

    Hi Sheilzy

    I’m signing the contract with Metricon early Sept with plans to start building in mid March next year (which is our deadline otherwise price would not be locked in). I understand you’re building in Ryde?? I’m building in Ryde too. I’m building the Elysian 29 Traditional facade. I hope we make the deadline.

    Loved what you did adding an extra shower. I’m adding an extra shower too, but in the laundry coz my powder room is too small.

    I raised our ceilings too, but up to 2550 only, due to budget limit. I also loved the corner bi-fold doors in the alfresco. I didnt get it mainly due to budget, also coz it’s hard to put flyscreens on those.

    And about the door connecting to the garage, I was also very annoyed that it wasnt included in the standard package.

    I’m going with all bricks (not using the light weight materials) coz I really like the durability of bricks. But I’m struggling with how to make the facade less dull and boring. At the moment, I’m leaning towards using Simmental Silver (1/F) and Bowral Blue (2/F) then render the portico. I’m hating this bit coz I’m not really good with colours and texture.

    Looking fwd to more pics and ideas.


    • Sheilzy @ ourhudson.wordpress.com says:

      Hey JD, thanks for your comments. Metricon seems to be building all over Ryde and all parts of Sydney for that matter. This probably explains why they are slow in getting our DA prepared. We have yet to submit plans to council and I’m a bit concerned about meeting deadline. In our contract we need to handover the site by 17 Nov so I really want the DA submitted ASAP.

      I thought about upgrading the facade to all brick in lieu of the cladding but hubby felt quite strongly about leaving the clad. I feel your pain about making the facade less dull and boring. This was the main point of design dilemma during our tender stage. I felt the option we had for the Hudson was limited as we didn’t want a front balcony and the only facade upgrade without the balcony was the ‘Modern’ facade. I found it to be as dull and boring as the Traditional and couldn’t see the value in spending the extra 10k. I’m not familiar with the Simmental Silver nor the Bowral Blue. Are they upgrade bricks? Have you had your exterior colour appt? I found the selection process a bit daunting. It’s really a leap of faith and hopefully the colours we picked work in real life.
      Good luck with your contract appt:)

  3. steve says:

    hi guys
    we are also building the elysian 29 traditional , it was from the limited edition where you couldnt make ant structual changes what soever, apart from the variation or exstras they offered you.
    2550 cealings , alfresco ducted aircon, 1200 front door, and thats about it.. happy with that.
    have a verandah upstairs in my currect home , but in 8 years hardly used it,. any outdoor /verandah doesnt get used if its not near your living area.
    no need to spend money on things that you do not need…
    how are you finding the feel of the elysian, we are downsizing form a 2
    42 sqr clarendon home to this. we have lived in a massive home for 8 years and we have comfortably ticked of rooms / gadgets and things that we never had to use and thats why we are comfortable downsising… exited abou having a 12.5 m X 14 mm back yard instead

    • Kim says:

      Hi I am also building elysian limited edition, I went with practical reason rather than having a massive home. (I don’t like cleaning 🙂 ). my block is relative narrow. I have removed cladding but replace mostly to hebel due to acoustic reason.

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