All I want for Christmas…

imageLast Christmas and the Christmases before that, I would have been thrilled to receive anything packaged in a teeny tiny egg blue box! It certainly made present buying for moi a breeze.

Well, fast forward to 2014 and what a difference a few months make!

This year all I really want for Christmas is a nice solid CONCRETE SLAB, just like this little beauty!


It was hubby’s birthday last Thursday and Metricon came to the party by sending us the final construction drawings and contract variations on the day. Surprisingly we picked up only a couple of really minor errors that were corrected straight away. If only Metricon had shown the same urgency in resolving  issues we had flagged in earlier stages, we would probably be halfway through the build by now!

Anyhoo signing off on the last set of paperwork meant we are now officially OUT of admin and finally we’ve reached the exciting construction stage. We also said goodbye to our CSC who has been a good support throughout the lengthy and quite stressful pre-construction phase. We now get assigned a Site Manager (SM) and Construction Support Coordinator (CSC). What a milestone!

So, with 30 days left until Christmas, I have my fingers crossed Metricon will play Santa and grant my wish for a  slab. They certainly seem to be in a gift-giving mood as they sent us a little gift in the mail for reaching 10,000 page views. Thank you Metricon and thank you awesome readers for getting us over the 10,000 mark!!!

Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze’s ‘Design Your Home’ with compliments of Metricon