Frame Stage Report

We received the construction report from Houspect for the wall and roof frame complete stage that our inspector Tim conducted last week.

The following items were checked for compliance and workmanship and all were deemed acceptable.

  • Check bonding over openings inspected
  • Floor Framing to AS1684
  • Sheet flooring squeaking, peaking
  • Strip flooring – squeaking, joins, cramping adequate
  • Flooring secured as per AS1684
  • Expansion Joints to floors
  • Correct thickness and type of flooring to wet areas
  • Wall framing level and plumb
  • Wall framing straight
  • Wall framing to AS1684
  • Room dimensions checked
  • Windows and external doors flushed
  • Ceiling heights correct
  • Holding down straps secured correctly
  • Slab edge exposed

Tim told us he was impressed with our site manager J. He rated the site safe and tidy and most importantly he found no defects. He did note that some items were being finalised on the day of inspection which we’re waiting on J to confirm have since been completed.

Rear balcony steel column to be installed prior to the tiled roof being installed

Rear balcony steel column to be installed prior to the tiled roof being installed

Valley boards to be installed prior

Valley boards to be installed prior to the valleys installed

Concrete rebate to be cut prior to the stacker door

Concrete rebate to be cut prior to the stacker doors being installed

6 holding down

6 holding down bolts to be installed in the bottom plate to rear of the house

Plumber to install waste caps to upstairs

Plumber to install waste caps to upstairs and downstairs

So there you have it, another huge milestone ticked off. Well done Metricon👍

Here’s a sneak peek at our bricks. Weather forecast for Sydney is looking dandy for a solid week of brickwork. Roll on the next stage!

Austral Whitsundays 'Orpheus'

Austral Whitsundays ‘Orpheus’


I spy with my lil eye more frames..

So you want the good news or the not so good news?

Let’s start with the not so good…as the title suggests, the carpenters are still hard at work erecting the remaining house frame.  When Nick met our site manager J last week, he was optimistic that they would complete the frame stage by the end of this week.  I was confident Metricon would get us over the line as a week seems to be the norm for the frame stage based on other builds I have followed. Unfortunately they fell a tad short due to a delivery issue with the frame company. J’s wife had a baby so he had the week off. We have asked him to tee up a time for a site walk through when he returns to work next week.

And now for the good news…

I haven’t had a chance to drive by the block since last Saturday when only the first floor frame was up. So when we drove by yesterday and saw the progress you should have heard me squeal in excitement!

Oh em gee, our house is enormous and I’m so in love with its outlook from the street. It looks quite imposing from street level. I was so excited to see the second storey up that I snuck in to have a stickybeak inside. I can tell you there were a lot more oh em gee moments as I walked room by room to take it all in. It was amazing to finally get a sense of the space, the real thing is sooooo much better than the paper edition 🙂

I’m willing Metricon to hurry up and build our house already so we get to see our vision become a reality!

Photo time…can you tell I was a little trigger-happy with the Nikon?




Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

If 2014 was the year of planning and designing the dream home, 2015 is the year that we finally get to see that vision come to fruition. It’s so damn exciting to know that sometime in the not so distant future we will be living and making memories in our new home sweet home. What a truly privileged position to be in!

We ended the year on a high with my Christmas wish for a slab coming true a week before the industry shutdown. The experts on Homeone forum tell me the slab should reach a minimum 75% of the design strength after 7 days and reach full strength after 28 days. Before the break, our site manager told us that he was planning for framing to start next Monday 12 Jan, exactly 28 days after the slab pour. What perfect timing! We haven’t heard back from him so fingers and toes crossed that we see some framing action as planned.

It’s early days but at this point, we are hoping for an end of June handover date. In an ideal world, Metricon should complete the house within the 32 week contract timeframe so we should get keys no later than 8th July. Let’s hope they deliver on time if not before😄

6 months from this…
To this …

Piece of cake😜

As an aside the blog has clocked over 16,000 page views. Seems like not so long ago when we hit the 10,000 milestone so it looks like the blog is getting more traffic from here and afar. It never ceases to amaze me when I notice a new reader from an exotic country like Sudan, Brunei and Saudi Arabia pop up in my stats feed. Thank you all for dropping by for a visit and supporting the blog. I look forward to sharing the building journey with you!


Wishing you all a wonderful new year!