Display House Tour – Laguna

Before deciding to build the Hudson, we spent countless weekends visiting display villages and checking out almost every project home builder in Sydney. Although we liked some of the designs of Clarendon, Rawson and Wisdom, Metricon was always the front runner.

We fell in love with their beautiful, light-filled spacious contemporary designs and in particular the Laguna. We got so close to building the Laguna that in fact, had we not stumbled upon the video showcasing the Hudson the day before our initial appointment, this blog would probably be named “ourlaguna”. Hmmm it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “ourhudson”.

In the absence of a Hudson display home, the Laguna showroom in Kellyville was a great substitute. It featured a lot of the variations and upgrades that were on our wish list so it was fantastic to see them in the flesh. After our tile appointment on Saturday, we took the opportunity to have another visit so, I thought I would share some of the photos I took:)

Hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂