Tripping the light fantastic 

As the anxious wait for news of PCI continues, we are keeping ourselves distracted by ticking things off the long list of post handover jobs. It feels like every spare minute we have is spent running house-related errands.

Last weekend was all about lights. I had already spent a lot of time short listing pendant choices for the house so it was a relatively simple selection process.

For the bedrooms, the girls have given the large ‘Polk’ pendant the thumbs up. Little missy moo and miss 14yo have chosen white whilst miss C has picked the black pendant. I couldn’t justify splurging on the Coco Flip but I found the Polk a fantastic alternative.


Large ‘Polk’

For the entrance, we want something subtle but not boring, and won’t clash with the hero of the space – Tarisse King ‘Earth Images’. So, we are leaning towards the idea of a timber pendant like this timber ribbon.

Timber Ribbon

Or maybe the Bali Ball..

Bali Ball

In the dining room, we need a fairly large pendant to provide sufficient lighting for our 2.7m x 1.2m reclaimed wooden table. The lighting expert at Z Two suggested getting two smaller pendants (60cm diameter) instead of one large (90cm). We only provisioned one light point in the dining room so before we commit to buying two pendants, we need to check with the electrician.

Wood Shaving Pendant

We have three light points provisioned for the kitchen island. To tie in with the black dining room pendant, we have decided on the Tom Dixon Beat.


Tom Dixon Beat Fat Black

The stairwell void is earmarked for the  bold statement piece – Raimond Moooi pendant. The only question we are mulling over is whether we should go for one large (89cm) pendant or a cluster of three pendants – possibly two small (43cm) and one medium (61cm) at offsetting heights.  Decisions decisions decisions!



Locked out 

Metricon are ticking things off the list as planned. Painters had their last day on Tuesday and it also looked like the electricians completed the air conditioning, lighting and electrical fitoff yesterday. I thought they were due to complete the fitoff today hence my lunchtime drive-by to have a close nosey at the painting workmanship. 

I was disappointed to see the house empty. Although I still managed to get inside the fence as whoever was the last to leave didn’t do a good job locking up the gates. So, I was able to see a bit of the progress through the windows. 

Sorry for the poor quality pics. 

‘Orpheus’ bricks scrubbed up well😄

Hume Savoy ‘XS26’ stained Rich Walnut

Dining Room feature wall painted in Dulux ‘Ceylonese’

We tried to negotiate with the electrician to install LED downlights instead of the ridiculously ugly UFO battens. They were happy to oblige however our site manager stepped in and wouldn’t have a bar of it. Boohoo! It’s easy enough to change after handover so no big deal.

UFO lights

I also spied bath and stuff waiting for plumbing fitoff. Can’t wait to see all our shiny tapware go in.

Plumbing hardware

Next week is another big milestone week. Our much awaited Spotted Gum floors are getting installed! Woohoo👍