Ready for walls

Finally it looks like the rain has gone away and we have a good stretch of perfect autumn days here in Sydney. Hallelujah!

The block was a hive of activity today with not one, not two but three different trades on site. It certainly feels like our build has kicked into gear.

The roofers were back to finish off the lower roof in the remaining sections of the garage, study, kitchen and butlers pantry. The guys from Insulfix were busy installing the insulation upstairs. These guys worked like machines. When I drove by at 12pm,  they hadn’t even started putting in the ceiling batts. At 2pm, the ceiling looked to be done and dusted!


Looking up from the stairwell void


We went with the Metricon standard Bradford Gold R2.0 insulation for the external walls.  For the home theatre, we added acoustic sound insulation which hopefully reduces the sound of bad karaoke transmitting through the walls!

The plasterboard have also been delivered and the guys were setting out ready to get started tomorrow! I can’t believe that by the end of the week we will have all internal walls in place! It’s really exciting to see the house transform. We still have a long way to go but I’m starting to see that glimmer of light at the end of what feels like a long tunnel.

Watch this space😄

Love love love our stairwell windows!

We have a roof

Have you noticed a recurring theme of unadulterated excitement in my last few posts? Well this post is no different. In fact, it’s fair to say my excitement level has just reached new heights! Awesome readers, our Hudson now has a roof and it friggin looks amazing!

I can’t even begin to articulate how wonderful it feels to see our vision slowly come to fruition. I know they are only roof tiles so am I crazy to feel euphoria over seeing such mundane materials on our house?





Shiny things called ‘sarking’


Render work is superb! Clean, sharp lines. Huge tick!

They started cleaning the bricks and they have come up beautifully! Love love love!!!


Rear brickwork complete


Alfresco and master bedroom balcony pillars complete


Master bedroom balcony pillar up close


Balcony brickwork cleaned up


Balcony stacker doors

The carpenters were supposed to start on eaves and cladding work this week but unfortunately they have been pushed back to next Tuesday (31/3) due to a delay in flashing work. With Easter right around the corner, I really hope we can get the exterior completed next week. The scaffolding is booked to come down when trades return from the Easter long weekend. I can’t wait for the unveiling!

Plodding along

We had a productive week on site with every job on the lineup ticked off as scheduled. Yay!

Bricklayers had their last day on Tuesday (17/3), exactly 4 weeks since they started working on our house. What a milestone!

It’s tricky to get a decent shot of the completed brickwork with the blue shade cloth in the way. But from where I stood on the footpath, the side elevations looked to be finished according to plans. The remainder of the upper storey will be cladded in Scyon Stria.

Render to the portico was completed on Wednesday (18/3) and it looks freaking awesome!

Gutters and fascia were installed on Friday (20/3). Boy oh boy, what a difference they made to the house!

I couldn’t be happier with Metricon at the moment. The build is progressing well and it’s been smooth sailing so far. Site manager J gave me some more exciting news when he called on Friday.

Next week’s lineup is action packed!

  • Roof tiles – Tuesday (24/3)
  • Carpenters will be on site from Wednesday to work on the eaves and cladding.
  • Electrical rough-in, AC and insulation

J also mentioned that we will have a walk through in a couple of weeks. Woohoo! Can’t wait, the excitement level has been turned up a notch!

Bristile roof tiles "Coal"

Bristile roof tiles “Coal”