Are we there yet?

Well, one of the last major jobs was completed yesterday. Our spotted gum timber floorboards look amazing!  They really complement the rich walnut stain on the front door and stairs.  


It’s been an anxious wait for the timber floors more so because I’d been stressing about Metricon complying with the ‘no beading’ variation. We paid the hefty $2000 variation for the privilege of having no beading around the floors including the kitchen. I even reminded the site manager about this who reassured me that they would caulk around the waterfall edge to seal the expansion gap. I thought we were on the same page. But guess what I saw around the island? So the trims don’t look as bad as the scotia BUT we paid a lot of money not to have any type of beading! You can imagine the conversation I had with JM👺 He promised to escalate this issue to management and I hope for a positive outcome. Seems to be a recurring theme in our build lately….issues seem to be coming up left right centre! 😱


Cleaners seem to have done a good job giving the house a once over.


Kitchen and butlers pantry

Green subway splashback tiles are finally laid. They look a different shade to the sample we picked from. Hmm jury’s out.

Jade green tiles in the Butlers Pantry

Jade green tiles in the Butlers Pantry

Double undermount sinks

‘AFA Vertus’ double undermount sinks


Roca The Gap BTW toilet suite


Kids’ bath ‘Decina Metro Island’


Ensuite – ‘Kado Lure’ freestanding bath


Ensuite – ‘Axa H10’ basins


Stormwater pit in situ

What’s on the agenda for next week?

  • Carpet
  • Shower screens, mirror and glass splashback 
  • Carpentry adjust and fixes

JM will do a thorough inspection of the whole house before passing it on to the construction manager who will then complete his own checks. Depending on the number of items that need fixing, the QA team will then be booked to come in for final inspection before client presentation. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I don’t see why Metricon can’t deliver the house by the end of July. Here’s hoping!

Builder’s Schedule

 I was at the house yesterday organising the joinery measure and boy did I pick a good day to visit! The block was a hive of activity and the site manager had his hands full barking orders at the chippies and trouble shooting a leak from the lower roof. A puddle of water inside the supposedly water-tight Study aint a good sign but it’s better the issue cropped up now than later when we’ve moved in. The roofers were quickly summoned to fix what needed fixing and I’ll be sure to get our independent inspector give that section a thorough check when he comes in for the final building inspection before handover.

JM once again proved his weight in gold. He clarified a few niggles. First off, he told me that we’re now getting a shower door in the guest bathroom at no extra charge.  He also reassured me that he’s aware of our ‘no scotia beading’ variation for our timber floors and confirmed there will be no beading or trim around the kitchen island. It sounds like they will be caulking to seal the gap between the floor and waterfall end. I hope the sealant is properly applied so the edge is invisible. Watch this space😄

As I was discussing wardrobe plans with our joiner, JM actually made a point to ask the joiner how he wanted the robe spaces finished. They lost me with their builder lingo but suffice to say I was appreciative of his proactiveness. He didn’t have to talk to the joiner and I certainly didn’t ask him to but he went out if his way to help anyway. Just goes to show what a good site manager he is. Lucky us!

Finally he ran me through the schedule. So, looks like he’s aiming to present the house mid July. Ohemgee!!! We are possibly only 4 weekends away from getting our hands on the much coveted set of keys. Someone pinch me. I can’t believe the end is sooooo close. I’m crossing all fingers and toes that every single job runs on schedule. Woohoo!!!


Bits and bobs

If you’ve ever renovated or built a house, you would know that the process requires a healthy dose of patience. Today marks 450 days since we paid the initial deposit to Metricon and kick started this building journey. As we get closer to the end, it feels like the finish line is still so far away. My weekly site visits are also becoming less exciting, as visually the transformations aren’t too obvious week to week.

Gyprockers were on site on Friday and Saturday patching up. As the photos show, it looks like our awesome site manager JM has been through the whole house with a pencil and let loose!


Walls marked up for patching


JM sent me an email to report the issue with the fridge space has been rectified. The cavity is now wide enough to fit our 908mm fridge. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t picked up the issue before moving day! Phew!


Fridge cavity widened to fit our fridge

As we customised the kitchen through Castlewood, the bulkhead in the butlers pantry wasn’t drawn on the final plans. JM actually picked up this oversight and told me he would fix it without any prompting from me.


Bulkhead in butlers pantry sans cornice


Under stair storage is massive

JM called me whilst the shower screen supplier was on site measuring up. He had a question about the shower screen in the powder room downstairs. During the initial planning stage, we added a shower in the powder room. On the plans, it’s specified as only having a fixed glass panel with no door.  I think a reasonable person would assume that when you ask for a shower, you will get a shower screen with a door. Silly us, we didn’t check the fine print and because we signed off on the plans we may now cop a variation if we want to add a door. Arrgh, never assume anything peeps!


Downstairs shower


Sneak peek of our double undermount sinks

We had our hearts set on spotted gum floors for our house but we really didn’t like the standard way that Metricon install timber flooring with scotia. We begrudgingly paid the hefty variation of ‘no scotia’. I’m starting to wonder how they will do the flooring around the waterfall edge of the island. I’ll be discussing this with JM when I see him on Wednesday. Hopefully he’s on top of it but with 18 builds on his plate, I won’t be surprised if he’s not aware of this variation. Better to give him the heads up ASAP so there’s no unpleasant surprise down the track.


Waterfall edge




Kids bathroom benchtop ‘Caesarstone Linen’



I’m so glad I managed to talk the building manager into letting us change the cladding in the master bedroom balcony. I love the contemporary look of the Matrix panels. 


Balcony walls in Scyon Matrix