Render or Stacked Stone?

So we are undecided on the finish to our portico.

Metricon has a handy virtual design tool called Envisage that lets you play with colour schemes and designs to help you visualise how a room looks.

Render or stone???


Envisage – Facade Visuals


Edit: I wished I’d heard of New Home Visuals back when we were agonizing over the facade. My darling husband and I couldn’t agree on what to do with the portico. I toyed with the idea of cladding it in stacked stone but hubby wasn’t keen and thought it would date. So in the end we went the render route. I think we made the right decision if the visuals of the two options is anything to go by.


Hubby 1 – Wifey 0


The stacked stone didn’t make the cut