Studio M – Final Selections

After weeks of painstaking back and forth between us, Metricon and the design consultant from Castlewood Kitchens, I’m so relieved that what has turned into a royal debacle is now officially over.

What a saga!!!

It only took 2 long months for Metricon to come back to us with a quote that we can live with and to be honest I’m not 100% convinced that they got it right. But at this late in the game, we decided to put our blinkers on and sign off on the kitchen albeit begrudgingly just so we can finally move forward. The saving grace in this schmozzle is that we are absolutely thrilled with our custom kitchen and butler’s pantry. I can’t wait to see the 3D plans from Castlewood.

Kitchen and Butler’s Pantry

  • Benchtop and Island including waterfall edge: 40mm Caesarstone Organic White
  • Overhead Cupboards: Laminex White Natural Finish
  • Base Cupboards, Microwave/Oven Tower and Island Cabinetry: Smokey Sapelle Crystal Gloss
  • Splashback: Colombia Clear Tough Glass
our Hudson Kitchen and Butler's Pantry

our Hudson Kitchen and Butler’s Pantry by Castlewood Kitchens


With some creative budgeting not to mention a whopping $8k credit for the revised stormwater plans (thank you Ryde Council), we managed to keep as many of the Studio M upgrades as possible. YAY!


  • Ground Floor: 1-strip, 14.5mm Spotted Gum engineered timber floor (we paid extra for no scotia beading)
  • First Floor:  Lasting Impressions ‘Cloud’ carpet

1-Strip Spotted Gum 14.5mm timber floors  and Lasting Impressions 'Cloud' carpetFront Door

  • Hume Savoy XS26 – 2340mm x 1200mm with translucent glass
  • Lanes 316 Round “T” Handle in Stainless Steel – 900mm back to back

    Hume Savoy XS26

    Powder Room 1

Powder Room 2 and Bathroom


And the piece de resistance in our luxe Ensuite…cue drum roll…here is our beautiful stone bath in light grey.

Picasso Stone Bath

Picasso Stone Bath

I’m stoked that we fought to have this uber limestone bath, the Picasso from the Natural Stone Bathroom.  I have to say that I’m very disappointed in the way Metricon handled the situation with the bath. To cut a long story short, we requested to swap the Kado Lure bath we have in the contract to the Picasso. As expected Metricon said no to us supplying the stone bath. Rather than try to come to a compromise that was agreeable to both parties, Metricon made it virtually impossible to change the bath after handover by refusing to provide plumbing provisions for the water and waste points. WTF!

After the fiasco with the kitchen the last thing I wanted was another drawn-out saga over the bath but I’ll be damned if we took this lying down. So, with a lot of negotiation and a firm ‘will not take no for an answer’ stance, hubby single-handedly turned a hell no around and came up with a solution that let us have the bath. Go hubby!