Bits and bobs

If you’ve ever renovated or built a house, you would know that the process requires a healthy dose of patience. Today marks 450 days since we paid the initial deposit to Metricon and kick started this building journey. As we get closer to the end, it feels like the finish line is still so far away. My weekly site visits are also becoming less exciting, as visually the transformations aren’t too obvious week to week.

Gyprockers were on site on Friday and Saturday patching up. As the photos show, it looks like our awesome site manager JM has been through the whole house with a pencil and let loose!


Walls marked up for patching


JM sent me an email to report the issue with the fridge space has been rectified. The cavity is now wide enough to fit our 908mm fridge. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t picked up the issue before moving day! Phew!


Fridge cavity widened to fit our fridge

As we customised the kitchen through Castlewood, the bulkhead in the butlers pantry wasn’t drawn on the final plans. JM actually picked up this oversight and told me he would fix it without any prompting from me.


Bulkhead in butlers pantry sans cornice


Under stair storage is massive

JM called me whilst the shower screen supplier was on site measuring up. He had a question about the shower screen in the powder room downstairs. During the initial planning stage, we added a shower in the powder room. On the plans, it’s specified as only having a fixed glass panel with no door.  I think a reasonable person would assume that when you ask for a shower, you will get a shower screen with a door. Silly us, we didn’t check the fine print and because we signed off on the plans we may now cop a variation if we want to add a door. Arrgh, never assume anything peeps!


Downstairs shower


Sneak peek of our double undermount sinks

We had our hearts set on spotted gum floors for our house but we really didn’t like the standard way that Metricon install timber flooring with scotia. We begrudgingly paid the hefty variation of ‘no scotia’. I’m starting to wonder how they will do the flooring around the waterfall edge of the island. I’ll be discussing this with JM when I see him on Wednesday. Hopefully he’s on top of it but with 18 builds on his plate, I won’t be surprised if he’s not aware of this variation. Better to give him the heads up ASAP so there’s no unpleasant surprise down the track.


Waterfall edge




Kids bathroom benchtop ‘Caesarstone Linen’



I’m so glad I managed to talk the building manager into letting us change the cladding in the master bedroom balcony. I love the contemporary look of the Matrix panels. 


Balcony walls in Scyon Matrix


Inching closer to the finish line

We didn’t get an update from the site manager last Friday so I just assumed that nothing much happened during the week apart from tiling. So when we drove by on Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised to see the stone benchtops and sinks had been installed and the first floor ceiling and walls had also been given an undercoat of paint!


We upgraded the caesarstone benchtops and waterfall edge in the kitchen and butlers pantry to 40mm category 3 ‘Organic White’. Love love love ūüôā

As an aside, it seems like our dream run to the finish line has come to an end. We picked up a few¬†issues, one of which was the fridge cavity size. It’s marked on the plans as 980mm wide and during the design stage we flagged the importance of the¬†width being¬†sufficient to fit the fridge we had already bought. Our fridge is 908mm wide and the recommended clearance is 20mm each side for optimum air flow. On paper, it seemed like there is sufficient clearance but it turned out that the dimension denoted on the plans was the frame size¬†and with¬†gyprock and skirting boards, the cavity size is now reduced to roughly 906mm! We consulted with our building inspector and they advised that the cavity wasn’t built to specifications and Metricon need to rectify.¬†To his credit, site manager promised to look into the issue as soon as possible. Watch this space!



I love our tiling choices for the guest bathroom downstairs. Can’t wait to see the finished room with the mirror and wall mixer.


Love the white subway tiles in the laundry. My idea was to add more cupboards after handover but I’m now thinking we have ample storage in the house. So another option is to continue the subway tiling on that wall.


So happy with the alfresco tiles. They look fantastic with the dark bricks.


Main bathroom tiles sans grout

We’re not particularly happy about the tiling workmanship. When I dropped by last week, I didn’t stick around to scrutinize the work¬†but thank goodness I took a lot of photos. As I was flicking through, it became obvious that the laying of the wall and floor tiles especially in the ensuite was less than ideal. We were¬†underwhelmed by¬†the wall tiling not matching up to the floor tiling so we flagged our concerns to the site manager, who agreed to re-do the tiling. Well, it looked like the wall tiling under the vanity had been rectified to be in line with the floor tiles. But what about the rest of the tiling above the vanity? Seriously, why only fix a section of the wall? Did the tiler think we wouldn’t notice? Arrgh, not happy Jan!


Waiting for the stone benchtop ‘Wild Rice’ to complement our ‘Avignon Walnut’ vanity


Balcony tiling still to be grouted


We are inching ever so close to the finish line! It feels unreal to be at this point after months of planning, designing and a lot of waiting.

Our lone tiler is doing a good job. I reckon he’s completed roughly 60% of the house. We didn’t splurge on tiles and most of our floor and wall tiles were from the Metricon’s standard range. I had my doubts but really happy with how our selections have come up.





Downstairs Powder Room

Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom


Glass mosaics in kids shower niche




Feature mosaics in shower niche. I wish we had the budget to run the mosaics up the full length of that shower wall

I dragged my tribe to the Sydney Home Show to get ideas on some of the finishing touches we need after handover. We even managed to squeeze in a quick complimentary ‘Ask the Expert’ consultations with a landscaper and interior designer. I highly recommend a visit but maybe leave the kids at home if you can. After 10 minutes, they were already asking when we were leaving! Those lolly jars in the exhibitors’ stands really came in handy ūüôā