Colour Pre-Selections



Happy Spring everyone!

I’m so excited by the change of seasons and the onset of spring seems to have set the wheels back in motion. While the development application awaits its turn in the council queue, we now shift our focus on the enormous task of selecting all the internal finishes for the house.

As I mentioned in this post, the multitude of choices has left us a tad overwhelmed with indecision! Although Nick and I have similar tastes, it’s no surprise that there are some colour conundrums that we struggle to agree on. To preempt the inevitable squabbles we decided to hire an interior designer to help us perfect our colour schemes and make sure the choices we make not only look stunning but also complement our lifestyle.

So, off we went on a 3-hour colour therapy with our interior designer extraordinaire Jenny. The plan was to meet at the Di Lorenzo showroom to pick tiles for the wet areas then head off to Studio M to choose the benchtop and vanity materials to finish off the colour schemes.  Under Jenny’s expert guidance, we nailed the colour selections for all bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, and chose the interior paint colour for the walls, ceiling, cornices, architraves and skirting boards. No doubt it would have taken us far more time and effort on our own. It should now make next week’s colour appointment with Metricon a breeze!

Apologies for the poor quality photos. The lighting in the showroom was not ideal. Anyhow with these bathroom ideas in mind, here are the colours we decided on.

Benchtop: Caesarstone Organic White
Overhead Cupboards: Laminex White Natural Finish
Underbench Drawers: Laminex Smoky Sapelle Silk Finish

Kitchen Colour Scheme

Kitchen Colour Scheme

Benchtop: Caesarstone Walnut
Vanity: Laminex White Silk Finish

Powder Room Colour

Downstairs Powder Room Colour Scheme

Benchtop: Caesarstone Wild Rice
Vanity: Laminex Avignon Walnut Silk Finish

Ensuite Colour

Ensuite Colour Scheme

Benchtop: Caesarstone Linen
Vanity: Laminex Milano Walnut Natural Finish

Kids Bathroom Colour

Kids Bathroom/Upstairs Powder Room Colour Scheme

We are very pleased with our selections and can’t wait to see them come to life!